Cold War Kids – This Will All Blow Over In Time (2018) [320KBPS]

Album Cover

  • Group/Artist: Cold War Kids
  • Album: This Will All Blow Over In Time
  • Musical Genre: Indie Rock
  • The Year: 2018
  • Format: MP3 320Kbps
  • File Size: 204 MB

CD Tracklist:
01 – Hang Me Up To Dry
02 – We Used To Vacation
03 – Hospital Beds
04 – I’ve Seen Enough
05 – Something Is Not Right With Me
06 – Louder Than Ever
07 – Royal Blue
08 – Audience Of One
09 – Miracle Mile
10 – Lost That Easy
11 – All This Could Be Yours
12 – First

01 – Vacation In Chicago (Live In Chicago / 2007)
02 – First (Demo)
03 – Opium Tea
04 – Goodnight Tennessee
05 – Coffee Spoon
06 – Minimum Mistake
07 – In Harmony In Silver
08 – Quiet, Please!
09 – Expensive Tastes
10 – Romance Languages #1
11 – Fashionable

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