Voice Training Lesson Plan

Bringing Your Vocal Coach into the Studio

Hey I'm Chanelle Guyton with singingsuccess. Today I want to talk about bringing your vocal coach into thestudio with you. If you're a singer and you have had the opportunity to recordyour own music or covers in a recording studio setting, it is one of the mostrewarding and awesome experiences that you can have. What can really add to that experienceis if you bring along your vocal coach. In working with a vocal coach youdevelop rapport and trust and someone that knows your voice inside and out andcan help you maximize the results for

your investment. because that's exactlywhat it is it's a big investment in yourself and in your career What a vocal coach acts as is a liaisonbetween you the singer and the producer and theengineer. The vocal coach it works in the middle to kind of translate the singerwith the singers needs are to the producer the engineer and vice versa. cantranslate from the producer or the engineer to the actual singer in moststudios settings that i worked with singers

they've said that it was the biggesthelp to them because they could understand what the engineer or producerwere asking them to do in the knowledge that they understood. Even usingexperiences from our lessons that we've gone through that just easily are ableto make things click for them in speaking with engineers and producersthe same thing they always know they have a great ear to hear what they whatthey want out of the singer but they don't always have the language to get itto the singers ear. so that's what the vocal coach can actas also you know the vocal coach can get

there and and warm you up before thesession get you in a good place for the songs that you're going to be recordingand they'll know when it's time to rest. You know Vocally if you know you've gone twohours the vocal coach and say hey we need to take a minute. Help you out maybe give you some goodexercises and then go back in more ready to record so any time you'rethinking about recording think about bringing your vocal coach think aboutadding that element of a knowledgeable

trained professional that can help youget the most out of your voice and out of your investment.

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