Voice Training For Soprano Singers

Female Voice Training Exercises Voice Projection when Singing

Hi! I am Erica Lane and I am with Expert Villageand I am talking about how to train the female voice. I want to talk about projections specificallyand that means directing your voice outward. When I am singing I want to make sure thatI am projecting so that others can hear me clearly. If I am keeping it all inside inother words in my little space right here and then people are not going to be able tounderstand me as well what I am singing and also they are not going to be able to enjoyas it is much because they cannot get the full richness of what is going out beforeme… so I am going to sing Amazing Grace in more of a soprano voice and I am goingto keep it in my little area here and I am

not going to project. I want to demonstratewhat that sounds like… alright so I sang with a pretty good phrasing. I sang with fairlygood diction and I also controlled my pitch, but I really was not projecting outward andI was not really feeling it either. That's part of projection. So, I am going to singit again. I am going to really try to project this time and really not down the wall here…so that was more powerful projecting. I pushed it out in front of me. I tried to get outthere as far as I could. So that anybody could hear that was near by and I really feel thatwhen you are singing with more projection that you are showing that you are a more powerfulmusician and you have more confidence about

yourself when you are projecting. When youare keeping it inside it seems that you are shy and not sure about what you are doingand people do not really enjoy listening to someone who is not really sure if they wantto sing or not. So, remember projection is a part of being a confident singer.

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