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How to Sing Valerie Amy Winehouse Cover Tori Matthieu Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken TamplinVocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing. I'm here with my amazing student, Tori Matthieu,and we're doing takedowns of different songs today. We're going to do Amy Winehouse.The song's called Valerie. We'll do it first. We'll talk about it after, likewe always do. Let's rock! Amy Winehouse. Whooh! Nice job, girl! Man, that was good.Thank you. All right, so basically, we're doing a lotof different stuff, from Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse… And what's interestingabout this is not so much that we're just doing a bunch of cover songs, but it's howTori finds herself in the song, and actually

represents that art with her own touch, herown flair, but to be able to sing in a lot of different styles, because what this doesis to give you a lot of tools for your toolbox for singing. So, we're going to be working upon, actually, some original material, too, so be watching out for that. Anyway, this is KenTamplin Vocal Academy. If you like what you see here, please like and subscribe to mytutorials. Also, I have a killer course, you can check it out here. It's called “HowTo Sing Better Than Anyone Else� and I have a singer's forums. It's free. There areover 6000 members you can join at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, and just come by and say hi,and get your vocal questions answered. So,

until next time, Tori Matthieu, Amy Winehouse,Valerie, and Rock!.

How to Knit Cast On Beginner with closed captions start knitting

Welcome back to GoodKnitKisses I'm your host Kristen and I will be showing you a series of knitting tutorials and normallyon my channel you see a lot of loom knitting and crafts, so you are going to startseeing some needle knitting and this would be my own style so stay tuned for that we're going to show cast on. Let's go ahead andget started we're going to have this method be veryslow if you want something speedier you may want to watch someone else's tutorial. i'm actually beginner at this

and so i thought it'd be a great time tofilm me beginning so we're gonna call this a beginner level and some easy cast on and you can start by making a slip knotor you can tie it around your needle and it just make it slip knot i just have the small part in my hand; wrap itaround twice; take the back over the front and then take the back loop over thefront again; and then over the tip of your

finger and i've got a slip knot; we're just going to take it and slide it over our needletake it and slide over knitting needle all right. We're going to leave it loose rightnow and take my second needle an insert it in. This is what we callknitwise and so I'm just taking it sliding it into the loop and that's it

hold it down take the yarn holding in my right hand.Let's not worry about technique of holding your yarn; you're gonna find theeasiest way for you to do it. we're going to wrap around the back needle like this and then we're going to

pull it through like this I'm making a really loose to exaggerate thestitches Ok so we've now pulled this loop out and now we're gonna take our left needle who are going to twist it into the frontof this loop on the right side and pull it back like this

and then let it go. pull on this working strand and we've just casted on our second stitch here. So we've got who got one, two stitches. Now we're gonna take our right needle and put it into that loop that we just created same thing take our working strand

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