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How to use the Straw Technique for singers and speakers

Hello everyone and welcome to VoiceSoaring Studios and the first episode quot;Let your voice soarquot;.my name is Jeffrey Alani Stanfill. I'm a vocal coach here in the NorthJersey and New York metropolitan area. I'm thrilled that you're here to join me forthe first many informative tutorials designed to helpyou understand your voice, how to keep ithealthy and make it last a lifetime! I'll be sharing vocal exercises thatwill truly let your voice soar! In addition to thevocal exercises,

I will give you tips on things you can doevery day to keep your voice healthy! which brings me to my first tip, thestraw! back in July 2012 I wrote an article onmy website voicesoaring about the strawtechnique and how it can help singers and speakersrecover their voice from strain and fatigue. Since then I received many many emailson this topic! it seems a few you would like a little moreclarification on how the straw technique works

So the first thing you're gonna need arefew straws. I prefer two sipping straws The reason is that two of them create andenough back pressure in the pharyngeal cavity toget results needed. Okay so now, hopefully you have yourstraws in hand First, we're going to actually besinging through the straws. What this does is it creates pressure inthe back of the throat or scientific name the quot;Pharynxquot; Bycreating pressure in the back of the throat

we're stretching open the pharyngealcavity. This in turn allows the vocal cords to thin outstretch out. Vocal cords function bestwhen they're then and lean so they can close moreprecisely. If you find that your voice gets husky araspy after singing, this is a sign that you're using toomuch chord mass and the result is a thickening of the vocal cords. As vocalcords become thicker from either oversinging, using toomuch chest voice with the headvoice

mix, screaming at a sporting event or justfrom speaking too long the phone with your head to one side they becomeless pliable less vibrant. First off, in case you don't have access to a pianoyou can use a piano app for your smartphone or tablet. their are lots a free piano app that worksvery well. Now, put the straws between your lipslike this. We're going to be singing through the straws

on ascending 3 tone scale. Ladies you'regonna be starting middle C or C4, guys are gonna be startingat C3. I'm gonna be demonstrating in my rangebut ladies remember I'm gonna be singing an octave above you. So if I'm singing here, you're gonna be singing here mmm mmm

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