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How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artists

Welcome. I'm Ryan Higa Professional singer and vocal stiloligerizerist and today i'm gonna be teaching you how to sing like some of your favorite artists. As much as you think you can't sing or as much as you know you can YOU CANT YET but by the time you finish this tutorial with enough work and effort in ONE DAY you might be able to sound like. THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!! Not one lesson (guitar music)

The first artist you're gonna learn how to sound like Think of every tough guy you've ever met with a big ass chain. Now double that! That's how tough you gotta be when you rap like 2 chainz Once you've got that down all you have to do is rap about all things that are plainly obvious She got a big booty so I call her quot;big bootyquot; Or a line like this I'm in the kitchen. Yams everywhere Or.

All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho Yes those are actual lyrics from his song quot;birthday songquot; But really once you perfect your 2 chainz you can do it with anything I like this lamp yo that's why i purchased this lamp I'm in the kitchen. Not anymore All i want for my birthday is a big booty hole Oh! Gotta poop Gotta poop right now

Jt like to sing high so the technique here is simple you just have to grab your nuts hard. hard as the can I (grabbing those nuts hard) can't wait till I get you on the floor good lookin. HOW! AH! To sound like Nikki Minaj is simple all you have to do is rap while you're slowly leaning back on an excersize ball I said quot;excuse me you're a hell of a guy. I mean mymumumy you're hell a fly I mean you're so shy and i love you to tie just look at the guy when I think of his eyequot; ugh! So you wanna sound like beyonce.

Probably can't. It's a natural god given talent Just try to sound overly sexy almost to the point where it sounds like you're gonna cry but you don't As long as you love me Just pretend you're a good looking British singer and duplicate yourself Everyone else but you two! Lets see I'm probably gonna need about one two three.four more people for this part so. (duplicates) You guys readyé Five six seven eight Remember that when you are feeling sad

Just sound really lazy like you don't even feel like rapping today STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE HERE! Lazier! Much lazier than that! Started from the bottom now we're here! LAZIER! Started from the bottom now were here Look your alarm clock just woke you up at 6:00 am morning and now you have to go to school Started from the bottom now the whole team here

Millennial Trains Project The Circle Campaign

the circle campaign is best described asa process a process that helps us reconnect ourrelationships to one another and the way we care for all of thisour world so first I think it's important toremind ourselves of this world and just how lucky wereally are driving this road down to paradise letting the sunlight into my eyes our only plan is to

improvise and its crystal clear that I don't ever want it to end if I had my way I would never leave, keep building these random memories turning our days into melodies but since I can't stay I'll just keep playing back these fragments of time everywhere I go

these moments will shine I'll just keep playing back to understand how the circle campaignprocess helps us make a difference in this worldI'd like to introduce Silver Cameron and his interview with the founder the Transition Network Rob Hopkins as heexplains the heart of an ever growing communityledmovement change Rob Hopkins is the founder of thetransition movement

an idea that began in 2008 and sincethen has gone viral around the world At the heart of the transition movementis the idea of a plan imagined designed and implemented by thecommunity to move away from fossil fuels and into a rich sociable locally focused way of life. TheTransition movement has spread to more than 400 towns all over the globe While the Transition movement is aresp a collection of ordinary

people around the world motivated by climate change, by peak oil, by theeconomic crisis that we're facing and arguing that what we need to do isto build community resilience, that the thing thatwill get us through this or one of the things that will get us through that iscommunity resilience and we need to see that as an enormousopportunity So when people talk about climate changethere so many things we need to do and they often feel like something terrible or we'removing away from where we want to be

in Transition we say there's an enormousopportunity here for an economic a cultural and a social renaissance in theplaces that we live So Transition's really about ordinarypeople being fantastic, I think, in extraordinarytimes About unleashing the collective genius ofplace to respond to these times Communities are incredibly resourceful things and we have this idea or we've been fed this idea that if we wantto make change happen

CFSAC November 9 2011 130 pm 430 pm

gt;gt; Nancy Lee:So, we're going to begin. This is Nancy Lee. We're going to begin public comment.I just want to again thank you, thank the public, both that are here in the room and those that have beenlistening via audio, our audio feed, to I want to thank you for participating in our meeting. This is avery, very important part, as you well know, to this meeting, each time we have it.And I also want to thank, excuse me thank the people who provided public commentyesterday for doing such a good job and also for staying within the timeframe allotted and for beingvery agreeable when I held up my stop sign. So, thank you very much on that.

So, I am going to first call and I'm not sure exactlyhow to pronounce this, but Barbara Cotone spelled phonetically, our, it's probably Cotone, Barbara Cotone, so I am going to make a call now for her. gt;gt; Barbara Cotone:Helloé gt;gt; Nancy Lee:Yes, Barbara Cotoneé gt;gt; Barbara Cotone:Speaking. gt;gt; Nancy Lee:Yes. Hi. This is Nancy Lee at the CFSAC meeting. Are you ready to provide your commentsé gt;gt; Barbara Cotone:I am. Can you hear me clearlyé

gt;gt; Nancy Lee:Yes, ma'am. And you have five minutes. Thank you very much. Just make sure you speak intothe handset as opposed to a speakerphone, because gt;gt; Barbara Cotone:I'm on a speakerphone. Can you not hear me clearlyé gt;gt; Nancy Lee:You get we get some feedback, so it's gt;gt; Barbara Cotone:All right. All right. I'll turn off the speakerphone. gt;gt; Nancy Lee:Thank you. gt;gt; Barbara Cotone:Helloé gt;gt; Nancy Lee:Yes.

gt;gt; Barbara Cotone:Okay. I'm on the phone. gt;gt; Nancy Lee:Thank you very much. gt;gt; Barbara Cotone:Tell me when I start. gt;gt; Nancy Lee:You may start now. gt;gt; Barbara Cotone:My name is Barbara Cotone. I am an anesthesiologist, fully disabled with CFS aka ME for 15 years.CFS has been investigated by many individuals in various fields over decades. Some of these studieshave been relevant, but many more have not. The most damaging characterization of the syndromeis not that it has a psychiatric basis, which is

ludicrous, but that its symptoms are based on a compromisedimmune system, leading to a chronic infectious disease. To be clear, I am proposing that CFS is not achronic infectious disease. It may be triggered in many by an infectious agent or an exposure to some toxin,as documented in Scotland in a group of workers processing wool spelled phonetically, who are exposedto pesticides. Whatever the initial insult spelled phonetically, the end result is a neurologic deficit, resulting inan autonomic nervous system that does not respond properly to activity. Other problems may include orthostatic intolerance,a muted response of the HPA spelled phonetically axis, and in particular, postexertional malaise,the hallmark of the disease.

Emphatically, this term malaise in no way describesthe debilitating pain and weakness associated with ME. Headache and vertigo do contribute considerablyto the disability in some patients. As with the immune abnormalities, this is notimmunodeficiency as in AIDS, leukemia, or immunosuppression by chemo. The acronym CFIDS is thus a misnomer.It misleads patients, the general public, and practitioners alike. I have unintelligible the immune findings in CFS to beepi phenomena spelled phonetically and recently asked a respected researcher in a related field about this. The response was that a few studies might havebeen done, but it was unlikely more data would do anything, and I quote, quot;I recently returned from the IACFS meeting,and my sense is that many of the people there are

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