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Hi there. I'm Aaron from Superior SingingMethod and in this tutorial, I want to talk about singing exercises to improve tone. OK. Singing exercises to improve tone. Atthe end of this tutorial, I want to give you the thing that has helped my tone more thananything. A professional singer told me when I was just a kid and starting to sing andI have never forgotten it and it radically kind of changed my tone and the way I sing.It's something really simple that you can do today but it radically changed my voice. So what is toneé A tone is basically – it'sthe timbre of your voice, the quality of your

voice. It's the sound of your voice thatis uniquely you. So as I'm talking if you know me or you've seen my other tutorials,you hear my voice and you know that it's me and it's like your mom or your dad oryour brother or your sister. When you hear, it doesn't matter. You hear the voice fromthe other room. You know immediately who it is. That's the timbre, the quality of yourvoice, the tone of your voice. Now the tone also so that's just the recognizabletone. But then there's also the tone that when you sing, it's a little different thanspeaking although I believe that singing should be a lot like speaking. It shouldn't bestrained or forced. It should be a lot like

the level of speaking. There are certain thingsthat we can do to help our tone to be better, to come across better. It's not like nasallyor in your mouth or too raw. You know, a lot of different things that don't sound pretty. So I've got an exercise for you and thisis actually an exercise that you may have heard before but it's for speaking. It'sfor being able to speak well and to be able to articulate well. It is Sally sells seashells by the seashore.Sally sells seashells by the seashore. Sally sells seashells by the seashore. So sayingthat and being able to say that and repeat

that and be able to articulate that well issomething that will help your speaking but will help improve your tone as well becauseas you articulate, the articulating is an interesting thing. Articulation, when I – if I slightly overarticulatewhen I'm singing, that just comes across as sounding normal when you're singing andyou can understand the lyrics and it causes you to open up your mouth a little more whichimproves your tone because an open mouth and throat is what keeps you from that kind ofmumbly dull sound so it helps all that. It helps open your throat and your mouth andalso the articulation just overall helps the

shape of your mouth and your tone and peoplecan understand your lyrics. So when you're singing, overarticulatejust slightly and it will sound normal and it will actually improve your sound. The articulation thing is what helped me morethan anything when it came to improving my tone. It's still something I think about.It's still something I use and my tone is far better for it. So if you can rememberthat and you can do that, then that will improve your tone greatly actually. So Sally sellsseashells by the seashore. So that's one thing and the other thing is just rememberingto articulate and slightly overarticulate.

So thanks for watching the tutorial. I encourageyou to continue to sing. Follow your dreams. Be your most heroic self. Don't let fearor anything else or what anybody has says stopped you from pursuing your dreams. I pursuemy dreams everyday and I fight for my dreams all the time and I've never regretted thatand I want the same for you. So anyway, subscribe to my channel if youwant to get more tutorials or you just want to be a part of the community that's goingon here. Leave a comment. Anything you want to say is welcome. The link below actuallygoes to my – I have an eightweek systematic course that is step by step. You learn theright things at the right time, techniques,

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Hi! Once again I'm Molly from ThePreparedPerformer and you can also find this lessons at FreeOnlineVoiceLessons Ok. Here we go. Not to fast. Readyé Guy's here. Girls ready. 1. 121. 12321. 1234321. 123454321 12345654321 Big breath. 1234567654321 123456787654321

8878876788765678 876545678 87654345678 8765432345678 87654321 2345678 I hope that makes sense. Good job.

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