Vocal Sight Singing Exercises

Beginning Vocal Exercise Ear Training Sight Reading Preparation Major Scale

Hi! Once again I'm Molly from ThePreparedPerformer and you can also find this lessons at FreeOnlineVoiceLessons Ok. Here we go. Not to fast. ReadyƩ Guy's here. Girls ready. 1. 121. 12321. 1234321. 123454321 12345654321 Big breath. 1234567654321 123456787654321

8878876788765678 876545678 87654345678 8765432345678 87654321 2345678 I hope that makes sense. Good job.

Sight Singing Techniques How to Sight Sing Using Solfege

Hi, my name is Ashley on behalf of ExpertVillage and I'm going to talk to you today about sight singing. Using solfege when singingvarious intervals this is when it is a good idea to use solfege. Also when singing solfegeyou are actually replacing a letter name with the solfege. C with Do, D with Re, E Mi, FFa, G Sol, A La and B Ti, the first note of a major scale in this case the C scale isthe tonic. You will sing Do instead of C of the purpose of using solfege as a sight singingtechnique. Then instead of singing the next note D we will replace it with Re, up thescale now singing the solfege to syllables instead of the actual note names. C D E GH A B C, now I'm going to replace the actual

note names with the solfege syllables, DoRe Fa Sol La Ti Do. The reason to sing with syllables instead of the notes is to singcorrect intervals while reading in any key and not just in the key of C.

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