Vocal Lessons Provo Utah

The BYU Student Experience with Stacey Harkey

The Y on the mountain is visible frommiles away. Welcoming you to Provo, home of Brigham Young University. For more than 30,000 students likeme who live and study here, BYU is more than just a school; it's our home. There's no campus quite like BYU. It has the same feel of a small liberal arts college along with all the same opportunitiesyou have at a major university all within a religious environment. Man, there's so much love about this place. Let's take a look around.

So what Utah school ranks as a top tierNational University, a best values school, and a Money Magazine top 10éThese are just a few of BYU's impressive national rankings. BYU was recognized foroffering an exceptional undergraduate experience. The university has 10colleges that offer undergraduate and graduate programs, including twoprestigious professional schools. The nationallyranked J. Reuben Clark LawSchool was recently named Best Value private law school, and thehighlyrespected Marriott School of Management has top 10 undergraduateand graduate programs. All across campus

undergraduate BYU students can be partof a multimillion dollar student mentoring program. A BYU Education isabout more than classroom learning. Whether they are conducting fieldresearch, working on an engineering team, ordirecting a film, students here get Handson experiences and active learning opportunities. We need to provide an education thatallows our students not just to learn new things and to experience spiritualinsights but to become different, better people. It's really great to live in a placewhere others respect your beliefs and

share your values. BYU is sponsored by theChurch of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. Christian teachings are centralcampus life. All faculty and students here commit to living the Honor Code andto living with integrity and character. So grab a chocolate milk and toast to theuniversity that's proud to be at the top of the list of stonecold sober schools. Cheers! It's good. It's good. BYU is located at the base of the wasatchmountain range, and this beautiful campus

has something for everyone. Did you knowthat the Harold B. Lee Library is ranked as one of the best college libraries in the countryé From art and science museums to BYUbroadcasting to labs and hightech facilities. But BYU campus is truly aworldclass educational environment. For students who enjoy the Performing Arts,BYU's awardwinning performing groups share music, dance, and culture not onlyhere on campus but also internationally. One of the university's mottos is, quot;Theworld is our campus.quot; Did you know that BYU teaches more than 60 languages andtwothirds of BYU students speak a

second languageé BYU also has one of the largest study abroadprograms in the nation with programs in 55 countries. The university also has major international centers in London and in Jerusalem. BYU's not only about academics. It's alsoabout having fun and enjoying life. On campus students can enjoy a variety ofactivities from comedy performances to concerts and more. The wasatch mountains draw visitors fromall over the world in every season. The Provo area also has a progressive musicscene, rooftop concerts and other events

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