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How to Make a Glass Mosaic The Glass Mosaic Process Part 1

Today with Expert Village we're going to bewatching Kathy as she demonstrates some of the process used to create her beautiful glasson glass art work. The two main things to watch out for, is to get enough silicone betweenyour two layers of glass so there is a complete seal when it is dry. If you don't get enoughsilicone the grout will creep under your pieces and will show when the light comes throughthe piece. The second caution is not to use so much silicone that the places between thepieces are filled up. If that happens there is no room for grout. There's an unlimitednumber of possibilities when it comes to placing the glass into this position. This is oneof the final bluebonnet pieces. You can see

the beauty of the artwork that Kathy has created.

How to Make a Glass Mosaic Developing a Glass Mosaic Style

We're here with Expert Village observing someof demonstrations and techniques by Kathy on her artwork and her glass work. She's trulya unique glass artist in the way that she does her process. After you've finished groutingthe glass, and everything has dried, and you've cleaned off the excess surface then you cantake the tape off. Therefore, the frame will remain clean. As you can see down in the cracks,as Kathy points out that, the grout is what will hold it together. The beauty of glass work is that it's moredimensional because the sun light can shine through it. Typical glass work that's on asolid surface you cannot see through so, there's

a new dimension to glass work.

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