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EDWPF for Pacific Islanders Welcome Message from Naomi Dawn

Hi Everyone. I'm Naomi Mulitauaopele Tagaleo'oand I'm Dawn Reed. And we're the Founders and CoExecutive Directors for the Educationwith Purpose Foundation for Pacific Islanders. We're excited that you're here to learn aboutthe programs that we've developed for each of your schools and to tell you what we havein store this year. So we've met with your principals and school staff and we have theirfull support. They love our culture and you students because you're kind, you're respectfuland you're helpful to others. But they're really concerned about your grades and howyou're performing this year. So, we're committed to making sure that we provide exceptionalservices to help you overcome any obstacles

or any challenges that's stopping you frombecoming the best student you can be. Now what you can expect from us: We're going tosend you quality college students and volunteers that we've personally trained. They're goingto help facilitate the lesson plans that we've created and these plans are going to be veryeffective because they're based on our personal experiences, our research and everything thatwe've learned over our years, when we were high school, and college students and beyond.So this is what we need for you: 1) Show up on the days that you're scheduled for 2) Giveyour best effort because we will give you our best. And 3) take advantage of this opportunitybecause not every school is being offered

this program. Not every Pacific Islander studentwill have the experience that we are going to provide for you this school year. And 4th,we ask that you be honest with us. Do what it takes to open yourselves to let us knowexactly what you need. That way, we'll be able to talk with any of your teachers, parents,coaches or anyone that is involved in impacting the quality of your education. That's whatwe're here for. That's right. So, what we need from you now is to just go to our websiteand register. on your school and let's have a great year! We're so excited to meeteach and every one of you and your families. Have fun and good luck! You can do it! Yeah,let's do it! Bye Bye! 🙂

The Story of College Direct Tutoring Test Prep Center

This is the story of College DirectTutoring and Test Preparation center for Kindergarten through college levelstudents. It all started a long time ago when a little girl had a singlemindeddesire to become a teacher. When she grew up she made her dream a reality byteaching children and adults alike for over 30 years, but she realized that manystudents needed individual attention beyond the classroom. So she begantutoring students, traveling home to home, but once word got out about how muchstudents improved she started getting more tutoring calls than she could handle andthat's when the AHA moment came. Because

of the rapid changes in the educationalsystem, many students were not keeping up with the demanding curriculum. So shedecided to open up her own tutoring centerone that would not be like thecookiecutter franchises that used prepackaged programs, locked parents intocontracts or have just anyone tutor their children! Her center would be run byprofessional educators, only certified teachers who would tutor in their specializedfields and parents would not be locked in to any contracts. So in 2011, CollegeDirect was founded in Pembroke , Florida. But why name it College Directé

We're not college! Well, we believe theroad to success starts at an early age. The road to college starts in Kindergartenand our mission is to put students on a direct path to achieve their college andcareer goals. Today, College Direct's success is spreadthrough wordofmouth and by the testimonials of satisfied students andparents. And as all things grow and evolve, College Direct is also growing byexpanding its outreach to the online platform. We are launching online coursesand live Skype lessons, so if you cannot come to us, we'll come to you!

Hi, my name is Lourdes, and I am thatlittle girl. I am the owner and founder of College Direct and I'm proud to shareour story with you. I hope you've enjoyed learning about our center and pleasecall us to schedule your session. I know you'll love the College Directdifference! Thank you for watching our tutorial and please share it with others.I'll see you soon! Bye.

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