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Learn Piano Welcome to our online music lessons In the last lessonwe talked briefly about key signatures had to give you an introduction to whatthey look like learning the piano on sheet music and how to use them wanted to make sure you recognize thatsignatures can change in the middle of the song so online music lessons at your going to see the key signatureat the beginning as any given piece of music but you can see and then change inthe middle of any score as well so

and just be on the lookout for that canbe kind of confusing when you're playing special classical music you play peace nothing changes keys on you and you haveto go learning the piano no not the sharks to other flats suspending tension than to be in themiddle of it dot this is inside online music lessons acts and now today we're going to talkabout that's caught this is is that how do you understand keysignatures to some better week hoping to memorize yuki signatures alittle bit better

uh. because it can take a while online music lessons it's also can help you understand majors en route minors let's take a look at the circle at the top you're gonna see that itstarts with c_ major see major that has absolutely no chance of passing website the relative minor is in minor let's take a look let's check it let'smake sure that strip sissy major scale

do game but please added relative minor is supposedly minuslet's see how that works out aid acts and sure enough there it is online music lessons

that some minor scale and part uh. on a scale the third in the teenager scale it's usually but me major reason it scale is because that thirty learn how to play piano

is would have sent awaiting its seller this can no black keys matches the c_ major now if you take look at this circle status see major outside is going to be an all of your major keysand it goes in fixed that's what's called the circle face so you start withc to

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