St Patricks Day Music Lessons

St Patricks day To all our Irish friends from LittleWhizzKid

Phizz do you know what day it is todayé Navidad otra vezé It's 17th March. It's St Patrick's Day! St Patrick is the saint of Ireland Did you know St Patrickchased all the snakes out of Irelandé So now there are no snakes there at all! and lots of people dance and play Irish music all over the world to celebrate Ireland and St Patrick

Happy St Patricks day to everyone!.

Idioms and Expressions about LUCK English Language Notes 16 Happy St Patricks Day

For this lesson, I decided to put on a necklace with a special charm. It was given to me by a friend. Can you see ité It's a horseshoe. Horseshoes are considered lucky. Whyé There are different explanations. People also have different ideas about how you should use a horseshoe to bring you good luck. If you hang a horseshoe in your home,

should you put it with the ends pointing up, so that it holds good lucké Or should you put it with the ends pointing down, so that good luck spills out on youé As long as you believe that the horseshoe is lucky, that's what's most important. Here's another symbol of good luck. It's a shamrock.

It has three leaves of green. This is a symbol you're going to see a lot around and on March 17 because that's when we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Of course, this holiday has religious origins, but today in the U.S. St. Patrick's Day is a celebration for everyone. If you have Irish roots, you can take pride in your heritage on March 17.

But even if you don't have Irish blood, like me, you can join in the fun. Americans watch parades, join in the parades. We put on green for good luck. And we decorate our homes, our offices, our schools with symbols of St. Patrick's Day, like the shamrock. You might also see a fourleaf clover,

which is a variation of this. It's hard to find a fourleaf clover, so something so rare is lucky. In honor of St. Patrick's Day and the shamrock, I though we'd talk about the word quot;luckquot; and how it's used. quot;Luckquot; is an uncountable noun. You can have good luck or bad luck. You can have lots of luck or no luck.

You can't have quot;a good luckquot; or quot;a bad luck.quot; Don't try to use the article quot;aquot; with this word. And don't try to make it plural with the ending s. quot;Lucksquot; (noun) is not a word. So again, you can have lots of luck, (a) little luck, or no luck. quot;Luckquot; means by chance. To emphasize this idea,

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