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Bharatanatyam South Indian Dance Lessons Basic Bharatanatyam Dance Steps

In this clip I'll explain the first basicstep which is the foundation of all the rest of the steps. When we begin on the dance formwe start with a Namaskaram, which is a salutation to Mother Earth. And it's asking Mother Earthéspermission to stamp on her. And when we finish our practice, we end with a Namaskaram. Askingher forgiveness for stamping on her. So the Namaskaram looks like this. The feet are together,the legs are straight, the hands at rest position are resting on the back of the hips. So theNamaskaram looks like this with Tripataka Mudra. Stamp the right foot, then the leftfoot. Change to Sikara Mudra. Make a circle around your shoulders, turn your feet outat the side. Bend your knees. Touch the floor

and then your forehead. And then come up.And this is how we begin our practice. The very first step, very first basic step orAdavu is called Tai Ha Tai. And as we do this step, we say the syllables that go with thatstep.

Bharatanatyam South Indian Dance Lessons Bharatanatyam Dancing Costume Tips

The Bharat Natyam costume is actually basedon what the bride wears when she gets married. And so the costume is usually chosen as abridal, Sari is chosen. And the entire jewelry and head piece that you see is what a bridewould wear once she gets married. It's all traditional South Indian temple jewelry. Andall of it is based on the sculptures that you might see in the temples in South India.Especially, the Chidambaram Temple in South India which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, whowas the God of the dance. Also the Bindi or the Tikka that they wear is said to have manyexplanations that why they wear the red dot. But one of them is to cover the third eyeout of respect for other people because it's

so powerful. You would put that dot there.

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