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Frozen Anna Kidnapped PART 2 Frozen Family Kids Anna Kristoff Elsa CAMPING TRIP HANS

Previously on the DisneyCarToys channel, Annaand Hans have a huge fight because he's still in love with her. Anna, of course, does notfeel the same way about Hans. And so Hans traps her in his RV and kidnaps her!And now on to part 2. Hey guys, have any of you seen Annaé She wentto talk to Hans about two hours ago, and she hasn't come back yet.Sorry Kristoff, I haven't seen her. But then again, I just woke up from a long nap.I saw Anna going into Hans' van, and then I heard her say, quot;Help me! Help me!quot; and thenthey just drove away. Ariel, why didn't you tell us earlier. Anna'sin big trouble. She's been princessnapped.

I'm confused. Is Hans a good guy or a badguyé Oh Ariel, I take it that you never finishedthe Frozen movieé Sven come here we've got to go save Anna.(Reindeer sounds) Hurry Sven, we have to find a bright yellowRV. Oh Snuggy Pie come out. Oh Anna, we are finallytogether at last. You can now forget about Kristoff and your children and start a newlife with me. We can have red headed babies together and live in the 1970s Barbie RV forever.Yuck Hans! The thought of being married to you and living with you in this RV is disgusting.I'm out of here!

No, wait!I need to get back. Aaaaah! Let go of me! Let go, Hans! Let go!No, you have to stay here and be my wife. There we go, this should keep you from running.Your hands are tied nice and tight. Hans you didn't tie up my legs, you moron,I can still run with my hands tied behind my back.See ya! Oh, no no no.No Snuggy Pie, you're staying here and you're going to be my wife!Anna I think you're really going to enjoy your new life with me. And now that your handsare tied behind your back I can kiss you and

you can't slap me.(kiss) See, no slapping.Yeah, but I can still spit in your face. (spit)Gross Anna, that was disgusting. Well I can spit in your face all day untilyou let me free. But Anna I have our whole future togetherplanned out. You see we're going to live in this RV with our ten children. I will be likea mobile home which is great, righté And every day you'll make me a three layer chocolatecake which is going to be just scrumdiddlyuptious. And we'll live happily ever after.Hans there's no way I'll ever marry you or

have ten kids with you. And in your littledream there were five babies. That's hardly even possible.(Reindeer sounds) Hans unhand my wife! I am sick of your psychoticgames. She is mine and she does not love you. Now stay away once and for all.(grunts) Oh Anna, I missed you so terribly much.I know. Me too. (kisses)Oh Hans my golfing match ended early and I'm here to see you!Hey, Kristoff, Anna, what are you doing hereé And Hans, oh no, Hans are you okayé Oh no!What did you guys do to himé What did you

do to my boyfriendéBarbie we didn't do anything. YOUR boyfriend Hans is still in love with my wife, and kidnappedher and tried to marry her! Nuh uh, that can not be true. My Hans lovesme! Sorry Barbie, it's really true. Look he tiedup my hands. He kidnapped me. I know you love Hans, and he seems like a nice boyfriend,but as you get to know him, he's kind of crazy. Crazyé Crazyé You're crazy! Hans, Hans, wakeup, I have something important to ask you! Oh Anna my love it's you!Annaé Annaé I'm not Anna! I'm BARBIE! Your girlfriend!Sorry I was just dreaming about Anna.

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