Singing Tips For A Beginner

Beginning Singing Tips Opening the Throat For Singing

As we start our exercises the first thingwe want to do is to open up the back of the throat. It is really important when you singthat your whole instrument is very wide and very round. Now, Janet is a soprano so weare going to open up the top of her throat and she is going to do that by yawning first.That feeling you feel in the back of your throat is the position you want to aim for.Now you do not want to yawn when you sing, but that widening of the throat feels justlike a yawn. So Janet is going to start now and we are going to do just an quot;Ahquot;, so justdo quot;Aaaahhh,quot; all the way to the bottom. quot;Aaaaahhhhh.quot; Good, Notice how Janet started in a nice mediumhightone and worked her way all the way to the

bottom of her tone letting the air carry herdown. Let's try it one more time. Can you try just a little bit higheré Okay, inhaleand a nice quot;ahquot;. quot;Aaaahhhhh.quot; Very good. You will notice with Janet's voice that she didnot have too much air at the top so it did not sound too breathy, but she also did notforce that air out. It just floated over the top of her chords.

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