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Paul Bettany Intentionally Set Himself on Fire

This is your third moviewith Johnny, righté Yes. That's correct, yeah. Wow.And how does that work outé Do you just, uhdo you requesteach other all the timeé You come as a packageé Uh, uh, yeah.It's basically I've been begging Paul to justgo on every film with me. But uhYeah, he won't.

audience laughter He won't do every filmé Not every film. Yeah. But this was a particularlydifficult one to join on, because you were constantlyeither set on fire, or a dog is attacking you, or something bad is alwayshappening to you. That's why I wanted himto do it with me. I see.audience laughter

You know, Johnny,whilst not being famous for his punctuality,doesdoes Twice.laughter Yes.Does like to see me hurt myself, so you know,whenever I got to set and Johnny was there before me, I knew something terriblewas about to happen to me. He would be sitting therewith this sort of expectant.

kind of look on his face. And did you knowthose things I mean, obviously you readthe script, but you would assume, whenyou're going to be set on fire, there's a stuntman,but you actually were on fire. Yes, they set me on fire, yes. audience laughter I saw it. It was on fire. Had you been on fire beforeé

I hadn't beenwell, I had, actually, when I waswhen I was a kid, and I used to thinkit might impress girls, to sort of put lighterfuel all over me and set fire to my trousers,hey! Didn't you set youraudience laughter Didn't you set your hairon fire onceé I set my head on fire. Yeah.

My head was on fire,it's true, when I was a child. I lit my face on fire. audience laughter To impress girlsé No, becauseI was an ignorant child. audience laughterYeah, I don't know I tried to make an enormousflame come out of my mouth, and I used gasoline to do it. (audience) Oh!Gasoline and fire.

How To Have A Scottish Accent

Hello, I'm Gareth Jameson. I'm an actor anda voice coach from londonvoicelessons. com. here are some tips for working on yourvoice. Now the key to any accent is to isolate the sounds that are specific to that accent. So, when I'm talking about a Scottish accent,I'm going to talk about a very generalized Scottish version of the English language,sometimes called Scottish English. There are of course many different accents dependingon whether you're in Glasgow, Edinborough, or Aberdeen. This one is probably what wecall a general Scottish accent. Now, the first thing you need to work on isyour quot;Rquot; sound. So, for most Scots speakers,

they don't actually use quot;rrrrquot; that we associate.It'd be very rare to hear quot;murderquot; with big long R's. It's much more common to roll the R just oneroll, called a tapped R. Bright red, so I say bright red like that. Or saying wordslike butter or bird. Notice that it's tapped, so it's not quot;birrrdquot;or not bird, bird. Also, if you get an L after the letter R, sometimes you'll have an extrasyllable on the word so that girl becomes quot;girl, girlquot; and world becomes quot;worldquot;. Theloveliest quot;girlquot; in the quot;worldquot;. Our next feature is the vowels in bath andlaugh are the same as in the vowels in trap

and man. So, quite often they are differentfor other accents, but in this accent they are the same. Bath, laugh, trap, and man. There are little difference: Bath, laugh,trap, and man. Also, the quot;ooquot; and quot;uquot; vowels are the same. In the UK at the moment, thereis a T. V. commercial with the tag line: quot;Good withfoodquot;. The narrator on the commercial is Scottish, so we hear quot;Good with foodquot;. They rhyme in his accent, and that's the samefor the quot;ooquot; and quot;uquot; sounds. So, that hook and pool are quot;hookquot; and quot;poolquot;. There is nodifference between the pull of a rope and

the swimming pool. Pool. pool and pull are the same. Pull. Finally, listen to this phrase which willshow you a few more features. It's not a problem if you haven't gotten any. It's not a problemif you haven't gotten any. Now, this is more to do with dialect thanaccent and in fact, while you're researching your accent, it is important to look up anydialect words, any words that are different in that accent than they are for other people.For example, rather of saying not, in Scots speak I might say quot;Notquot;. It's not a problem.

And rather than haven't, quot;have anyquot;. quot;It'snot a problem if you have any gotten any.quot;.

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