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Samantha Goodman

My name's Sam Goodman. I'm 19. I work in children's services. I'm a childcare worker. I work in an early interventionprogram. I live in Newcastle. (READS) quot;Lots of tribes wearheaddresses, just like mine.quot; Yeah, I love it. It's great. I'm currently doing my diploma.diploma in child services. I've got, like, a set of booksand I read through everything

and it gives youa big assignment package, and you've got to go through it and you've got to applyyour practical knowledge and what you're learningin the workplace to your assignments. Well, I go throughthe childcare college and they send outa big, massive folder of everything I need to read through

and then you've gotan assessment booklet and you fill that out and you workthrough that and you send it away. So, it's all by correspondence. I'd rather learn while I'm working instead of being ina classroom sort of setting. I find I take more inwhile I'm doing it. Well, you've got to plan the day,you've got to plan the environment, make sure it's all set out.

You've got to knowhow to manage the kids, differentageappropriate behaviours and. Yeah. I like it. It's enjoyable. It's always challenging.It's always different. Yeah, I just. 'Cause I always wanted to dosomething where I'm helping somebody. So, like, aged care, maybe, and thenchild care was one of my preferences. I just.I want to makea difference, so.yeah.

And I feel that I'm makinga difference in this, 'cause this programthat I'm working for now, it's an early intervention program. Like, the families that are coming, you can see the progressthat they're making and it's really, really good,and the kids. And just. Yeah, it's great. Just seeing the kids grow that's the biggest thing

and seeing them learnnew skills and. Oh, it's fastthey actually acquire all these different things, yeah. 'Cause I'm still indecisiveof what I want to do. I'm really certainthat I like this path. The path I'm going downis really good at the moment. But, yeah, just so many decisionsthat you have to make. I want to try and go into teaching,go to uni, maybe, yeah.�

Employing staff in Australia Vietnamese

Do you know about Australia's workplacelaws and what they mean for your businessé Hiring workers is an important step whensetting up or growing your business. Being an employer bringsresponsibilities and there are some important work placelaws you need to know and follow. Most workplaces in Australia arecovered by the National Fair Work system. This includes lawsabout how much you should pay your workers,

how people should be treated at workand the types of written records you need to keep. Making sure you pay your workers correctly isone of the biggest responsibilities you have as an employer. Modern awards are legal documents thatset out what you must provide your staff and their responsibilities to you. The minimum wages you must pay areincluded in the modern award which applies to your industry or yourworkers job.

The award may also provide you withdetails about your responsibilities for paying penalty rates, overtime rates and shiftallowances. How often you must pay your workers andthe method of payment is also written in the modern award. If your business isn't covered by a modern award, Fair Work laws provide basic minimum pay and conditions.

If you're unsurewhat modern award applies to your business you can use the award finder tool at to find out. There are some important points toremember when it comes to paying your staff. If you ask people to work trial shiftsor a probation period you must pay them for their time. Your workers are generally entitled to an hourly rate of pay.

The minimum hourly rate depends onwhen they are working. Usually you must pay workers penalty rates for working evenings or on the weekend. You must payemployees for all of the hours they work this includes meetings or training andthe time they spend opening and closing the business. Unless you both agree otherwise employees should generally start andfinish their shift at the rostered time

no matter how busy or quiet business is. You must pay people money and not in goods or services like foodand accommodation. The PayCheck Plus tool at can help you to work out youremployees correct pay. and if you're a member of an employeror business association they can also help you. Your workers' minimumentitlements also come from

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