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gt;gt; MICHAEL: My name is Michael Colson andI'm on the BTEC Extended Diploma in Performing;gt; LAUREN: My name's Lauren McGoldrick and I do Extended Diploma in Performing;gt; MICHAEL: As part of the course we do singing, acting and dancing. We get to use the dancestudio and the theatre and we have practice rooms upstairs for like bands and;gt; LAUREN: I think the tutors are really, really good because they've helped us a lotwith me confidence and the way I sing and;gt; JOSEPH: My name's Joseph Ashcroft and I'm

on the Subsidiary Diploma in Music. On a dayto day basis I'd say I play a lot of music with the band, rehearse by myself, do my ownsinging lessons like I've been taught to by tutors and basically practice all day longdoing some work at the same time as well. When I've finished the course I will be goingto University studying exactly the same, music. Then later on I hope to;gt; BEN: My name is Ben Nicholson and I lecture at East Durham College. What we try to dois provide the students with a broad range of skills which would enable them to gainemployment in later life and also to progress onto Level 4 qualifications at University.our focus is on drama, dance and music skills

here. We have TV studios, we have tutorial editingsuites, we have this purpose built theatre. We believe as all the staff are practitioners,the best way for you to learn as a performer is to actually do practical activities. Todo real performances in real performance environments. gt;gt; LIAM: My name is Liam Spence and I am doingBTEC Media at East Durham College. The thing I've enjoyed most on the course is probablyusing the cameras and using the editing progreammes. Yeah I'd recommend this course because the teachers are really friendly and so are thestudents and the facilities are great. After I finish this course I might take it

onto A Levels or go to University. gt;gt;LYNNE: My name is Lynne Earl and I teachBTEC Art Design. We do drawing, painting, 3D, graphics, print, photography.They can go on and do degree courses in all sorts of design fields, design areas, andthey can go into galleries, museums, exhibitions. They could try and make it out in the bigwide world as artists and designers. .

Samantha Goodman

My name's Sam Goodman. I'm 19. I work in children's services. I'm a childcare worker. I work in an early interventionprogram. I live in Newcastle. (READS) quot;Lots of tribes wearheaddresses, just like mine.quot; Yeah, I love it. It's great. I'm currently doing my diploma.diploma in child services. I've got, like, a set of booksand I read through everything

and it gives youa big assignment package, and you've got to go through it and you've got to applyyour practical knowledge and what you're learningin the workplace to your assignments. Well, I go throughthe childcare college and they send outa big, massive folder of everything I need to read through

and then you've gotan assessment booklet and you fill that out and you workthrough that and you send it away. So, it's all by correspondence. I'd rather learn while I'm working instead of being ina classroom sort of setting. I find I take more inwhile I'm doing it. Well, you've got to plan the day,you've got to plan the environment, make sure it's all set out.

You've got to knowhow to manage the kids, differentageappropriate behaviours and. Yeah. I like it. It's enjoyable. It's always challenging.It's always different. Yeah, I just. 'Cause I always wanted to dosomething where I'm helping somebody. So, like, aged care, maybe, and thenchild care was one of my preferences. I just.I want to makea difference, so.yeah.

And I feel that I'm makinga difference in this, 'cause this programthat I'm working for now, it's an early intervention program. Like, the families that are coming, you can see the progressthat they're making and it's really, really good,and the kids. And just. Yeah, it's great. Just seeing the kids grow that's the biggest thing

and seeing them learnnew skills and. Oh, it's fastthey actually acquire all these different things, yeah. 'Cause I'm still indecisiveof what I want to do. I'm really certainthat I like this path. The path I'm going downis really good at the moment. But, yeah, just so many decisionsthat you have to make. I want to try and go into teaching,go to uni, maybe, yeah.�

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