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Intensive driving course in Peterborough Pass that driving test

Right so HaleemaYea Haleema has just passed the test in PeterboroughYou've just done the Beginners Intensive Driving Course with meYea So, what's it like to have passed the testéHave you got your certificateé No, I haven't got it with me actually. Nobut it feels amazing, passing your test. When we pulled up into the test centre at the endand I thought, I must have done something wrong, but I actually passed, he said you'vepassed, and with only four minors, and so I'm really pleased with that.Excellent. And is it going to, how is going

to sort of change your living, how you getbyé Because you are still going to college aren't youéYea, I'm going to go to college next year hopefully. Obviously I wont have to walk therenow. I can drive. That's nice.Especially in the winter, because it's horrible in the winter here isn't itéSo I'll have a nice car with heating. I'm happy, I'm happy.For the benefit of people who are watching perhaps haven't started doing any drivinglessons yet, is there one thing you could sort of say that you've picked up since you'vebeen learning to drive, maybe something that

you've had to overcome I don't know, I mean,you tell me, is there anything in particular that you can think that you've started offwith, that you worried abouté Yea, in the beginning, I was worried aboutstalling. Actually all the time. And holding up people behind, and stuff like that. OnceI actually learnt the controls of the car and got on the road. I did stall a few times,I'm not going to lie, but I did overcome that, and my confidence grew, so yea, it was good.When you passed your test did you, was there any stalls thenéI don't think there was actually. I observed it, I don't recall there beingany stalls, so I mean it's quite a legitimate

thing, you're feeling, you don't want to holdeveryone up, that's the thing isn't it, when it stalls. But as the days go on in the courseit gets gradually better doesn't ité Your confidence.I mean even if I did stall you tell me just stop and think what you've done wrong, andthen I'd stop and then it will be wrong gear, or clutch or something, and then I'd overcomethat. Yea, lovely.Ok Haleema, thank you very much. I'm sure people who are watching will be,I'm pretty sure that their going to be grateful for you for doing it, I'm thanking you anywayfor taking the trouble of doing it, and I

hope others get something from it.

Sha Cage and EG Bailey

Today I married my best friend, which for me, that's been sort of at the heart of our relationship, is being with somebody and finding somebody that I feel like I could

have a conversation with until I'm 150. (Sh) We started working together artistically for a couple years before we started dating, so we have an administrative

relationship and a personal, intimate relationship, and now we have a son and another child on the way, so 11 years of being together. Sh softly hums Great Granny would

sit us young ones down By the riverside on Sundays And she would hold women's camp That's what she called it Great Granny say everybody

always runnin' 'round Lookin' for a revolution Most people wouldn't know a revolution If it snuck up and bit 'em on the. Great Granny say

the real revolution Lies on the skins of women, And their palms, their scalps, Their thighs and backsides She said most people call 'em

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