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Americans Watch Geordie Shore For The First Time

What is ité Is there a place called Geordie Shoreé (techno music) A Geordieé Is it like a derogatory name for themé Like I thought it was fake at first because it sounds soclose to Jersey Shore. Hey that's awful andeveryone's watching it.

We should do our version. This program contains strong language, sexual scenes. Whaté That is the most politewarning I've ever heard. (laughs) There's the Snooki. This is the English languageé

I'm thankful for the subtitles. (laughs) Oh. Oh whoa you saw a dick. Oh shoot. Balls were out minute one. Gus being in the houseit was bound to happen. Gasping in the house it bound to happen.

I mean he looks like hecould be from the Shore. (glass breaking) Whoa. Whoa. (bleep). I'm lying there bangin' this blondie. I didn't understand a word of that. Can we also just backtrack and talk about like how we just saw a dické Like on TVé

I don't think you couldget away with that here. No we don't get balls. No we don't get balls. We don't even get boobs. Don't give us a (bleep)attitude ya dafty! Ya dafty (bleeps). (laughs) Aw yeah. That looks like JWoww.

And that looks like Pauly D. They're all shirtless. It's exactly like Jersey Shore. (loud bang) Whoa! A fight just broke out. Get him! Blonde Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. Get him, get him. Wait why is there. Is there a tenté

Tadpoles to Frogs

Hi, my name is Ethan. This is my brother Justin. Come and I'll show you what's in our pond. The mommy frog came and laid an egg. When they hatch they turn into tadpoles. Tadpoles are also called pollywogs. Look there's pollywogs in our pond! Tadpoles are herbivores when they're young. That means they like to eat plants and algae

in the water. Look, the pollywogs are eating a green gunk called algae. It's been a couple weeks, now the tadpoles are getting bigger. When the tadpoles get bigger, and there isn't enough food for them they might eat eachother.

After 6 or 9 weeks the tadpoles start to get legs Tadpoles get their back legs first and their front legs last. Tadpoles need to watch out because there are fish and birds and dragonflies that like to eat them. At this point the tadpole with probably eat dead insects and bugs.

After 12 weeks the pollywog's tail starts to shrink And, they're almost a frog. By now the tadpole looks like a tiny frog with a tail. Now the tadpoles have lost their tails and now they've become frogs. Soon the frog will leave the pond and return to lay more eggs next spring.

And that is how a tadpole becomes a frog. Thanks for coming to our pond.

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