Singing Teacher Horsham

Park Academy Childcare Bray Nature Kindergarten SingALong With Andy

Andy: quot;His name was quot;Tiny Timquot;, I put him in a bucket to see if he could swimquot; Children: quot;Noooooooooquot; Andy: Oh bathtub.sorry.sorry.quot;I put him in the bathtub to see if he could singquot; Children: quot;Nooooooooquot; Andy: Sorry.sorry.swim.ok I'll start again! Andy: quot;I have this little turtle his name is quot;Tiny Timquot; I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swimquot; Andy: quot;He drank up all the lavaquot; Children: quot;Nooooooooooo, he drank water!!!quot;

Andy: Oh sorry water. sorry.water quot; Andy: quot;He drank up all the water, he ate up all the muckquot; Children: quot;Nooooooo! Soap!quot; Andy: Ok, that's right quot;He drank up all the water.he ate up all the soapquot; Andy: quot;and now a rocketquot; Children: quot;Noooooo.not a rocket!quot; Andy: quot;A bubbleéquot; Children: quot;A Bubble!!!!!!!quot;

Andy Children: quot;I have this little turtle, his name is quot;Tiny Timquot; I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swimquot; Andy Children: quot;He drank up all the water, he ate up all the soapquot; Andy Children: quot;And now a bubble is growing in his throatquot; Andy Children: quot;Bubble.bubble.bubble.bubblequot; Andy: quot;Well Donequot;.

Stand Up Geelong

Now, here comes a little thingthey call respect Because in all communitieswe need it Now, the community can'tsurvive without respect And that's one thing we all needin order to get along Without respect we can't get away Lucky country means that weDon't have war against each other so that a lot of peoplecan come here and live in peace And be who they arewithout having to run away

Geelong has lots of peoplefrom different countries learning here So we need to learnhow to make them feel welcome Racism isn't cool it'sBad! It's like hurting your best friend on purpose Everyone come togetheroh yeah can you feel the cultures flowover hereé Don't forget about the beat box we wanna make peacethrough hiphop

Don't judge meI won't judge you join the crewwith a positive attitude How about youéRight there, right there How about youé Right thereSing along, C'mon Australia is a good countrywe like it and we want to do hard workand come here for our future to make our future to make our dreams real

If people are bullying me or stuffI wouldn't want to go out and would want to just stayin the home and be inside don't want to get out and be free Let us unite and showrespect for all people Look at the bright sidewith hope in your heart Live happy for the future, as equals No bad situationswe're friends from the start Spreadinga good message through lyric

Supporting each otherencourage good spirit Rich, in culturewe have so much to share Consideration and lovefeel it in the air! You have the wisdom to name it I like everything about Australia yeh, it's better thanwe live in a refugee camp When we were in the refugeecamp, we didn't have anything to see, like here the buildingand the car

There is very poor Stand up! Stand up for your sisters and brothers Stand up for your right Right to be safeRight to be free Right to have an education Freedom of cultureFreedom of choosing A positive wayfor our future to live in

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