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John Adams speaking at Our Community Our Schools Conference

When I first got involved in GovernorsI remember talking to a very senior member of a secondary school. And he said: quot;Our governors are rubbish!Here they're rubbish.quot; I said: quot;Why do you say thatéHe said: quot;I was putting on a play last week.quot; We really needed someone to help out behind the scenes.quot; quot;We needed someone to take the money.quot; quot;We needed someone to do the lightingquot; quot;And where were the governorséquot;Nowhere.quot;

And the answer is: Many governors would like to do those sorts of things. And if they like to do them ů ů do them. But what they're doing thereain't governance. And that's for sure. Successful governors is a serious job. It needs three things. It needs commitment. It needs training

so as to understand what the job is. And it needs information. And particularly it needs information which is not passed by the head teacher. It needs independent information. There are many excellentheadteachers in this country. There are many excellent Governing bodies.

But it's important for the Governing Body That the information they get has not been filtered. Has not been chosen. We've heard a lot in our workshop about selective information from the Government. We all select information. And head teachers are no different.

They've got all their problems as well.So it's important that you know if you're a governor I'm sure there are many governors here. If there are people who are not governors, why noté But I'm sure there are people hereWho've seen their RAISEonline. You need to know what that's about.You need to study that. You need to get information from the staff. You need to invite the staff into governors' meetings. Pupils into Governors' meetings.You need to do surveys.

You need to find out information about the school itself which is not filtered from the head teacher. So these are crucial elements about how to how to be a successful governor. Now how will academies help with all thaté Well, the answer is in my view they won't. Academies have actually got

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