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HOW TO SING High Note Fever Sajjad Alis Master Class Online

People often ask me about reaching the high and the low notes and their vocal range. Because they are having difficulty singing the ‘high' or the ‘low' notes. Technically. There shouldn't be any problem while singing high or low notes. The problem lies in the concept of singing from another singer's key. If we sing in our own key, we would never be complaining about such a thing. Every vocalist has their own lowtohigh vocal range where they can manage any song. But when they'll try to sing in another vocalist's vocal range or key, the high and the low notes might be a problem.

So, first of all, the most important thing is to sing in your own key. Now people ask me how will they know what their key isé There's a really simple way to find that out. Simply pick any key from which you can easily sing… C, C, D or any other for example… Take that note and come down five to six notes. Got ité Then, from the higher octave… try to go five to four notes up.

If, you can easily climb down four to five notes and go up a few notes on the higher octave, then you have found your range. From whichever note you are comfortable doing this in, consider that your key. And don't worry about the fact that your key is not the same as another singer's. This shouldn't discourage you at all and there's no need to be unnecessarily impressed or be intimidated by that fact. Every vocalist has their own key and one should always sing in their own key according to their vocal range. People who sing karaoke all the time find this to be an issue and some have even ruined their own voice in the process because those tracks didn't always suit their vocal range. Whatever YOUR actual vocal range is, that's where you should always sing in. Please don't try to match to someone else's range.

And it doesn't matter if a certain singer can sing higher notes than you. There are so many legendary artists who mostly sang in their lows and mids like Jagjit Singh and Mehdi Hassan. Is there anyone like themé In the same way, if Rafi Sahab utilized his mid and high range for the most part, he's a legend of his own as well. To compare these ranges is totally unnecessary. Once again, every singer has their own range. What truly matters is to sing with the right amount of expressions and feelings. Trust me. there's nothing more important than this.

When you will sing high notes in your own range, it will sound high and people will notice it. So don't worry, all of you can sing “high� notes. Everybody can sing those “high� notes. BUT… in their own key and vocal range. It will definitely take time, guys. Practice… continuous practice is a process not everyone can commit to. I'm fully aware of this fact. But, definitely, those who really do work hard, do get some result. As far as your your questions and confusions are concerned, I'll keep on trying to share my experiences with you all.

So, that's it for now. See you in the next tutorial. I've gotta find a good coffee place now.

HOW TO SING Basic Vocal Training Part 2 Sajjad Alis Master Class Online

Actually, tuning is in our mind, not in our throat. Because our throat is the tool which produces notes. So, to tune our minds, here's a very interesting and easy exercise. Which will be in chromatic notes. La La La. (D major) La La La (E Major) La La La (F Major) La La La (F Major)

La La LA (G Major) Try these. This is a really fun exercise which will help your mind to jump from one key to another very easily. and it's a practice to remember the last note you practiced. So, start by playing the notes slowly and singing with it. Then, move on to just playing chords. So, go up one key at a time while holding those chords. And.

When it comes to practice, keep in mind that too much of an exercise at a time is also not recommended for your vocal pipes. You can do a 2025 minutes session at a time. I personally don't advise you to do more than this. You can divide your sessions throughout the day. But wearing yourself out in just one session will tire your lungs in the long term. This. is what I've personally concluded when singing. Next! Technology is reaching amazing heights.

The result rate is much more faster now. All of these exercises that you do, make sure that you record them as well. Simply use your phones. and listen. Because. You may not be able to hear yourself correctly while you're singing. And playing it back after recording would sound different to the ears as well. So, always record and listen to what you sing. Developing this habit itself is an exercise, which is very important.

In the next tutorial, I'll tell you guys some advanced techniques which wouldn't just be in major scales. Same concept. but a bit more advanced with a higher difficulty level. Stay tuned.

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