Singing School Song

Songs in Real Life Spring Edition

Hey guys my name is Quinn I'll be your waiter today, uh, can I start you guys off with anything to drinké Water please. I'll have hot chocolate Hot chocolate é It's spring, not winter! I know but 🎤I'm in love with the coco🎤 Pfff, I'll have a chocolate milk. I'll have orange juice. Alright, thank you can I get you guys anything elseé

Can we order now pleaseé Oh! Yeah sure what can I get you guysé Umm, eggs. Bacon! Grits! Uhhh. SAUSAGE!!! Alright, I guess I'll have sausage.

Haha, how would you like your eggsé 🎤I ain't got no type!🎤 Alright, sounds good, can I get you guys anything elseé Oh yeah! Can I have some 🎤Sugar, yes please🎤 Alright thank you, your food will be out in a minute! Hey! Did you guys enjoy your meal é Yeah, here's your 🎤Money, Money, Money🎤 Thank you.

Oh, this is too much! Cause you 🎤Earned it🎤 Oh! Thanks! OK. 🎤Yo kid, maybe high gear. I bet people you like me. 🎤

So. Will you go to prom with meé I'm sorry 🎤I don't🎤 wanna go 🎤with you🎤 Oh. Yeah. I'd rather go with Caleb. Meé! 🎤I feel blessed🎤 Yeah. 🎤I really, really, really, really, really, really like you🎤 But Sam I wanted to go with him!

I thought you didn't like him anymoreé I know but 🎤I still get jealous🎤 OK. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Come on, come on! 🎤It's going down for real🎤 They're just like 🎤Animals, animals, like animals, mals🎤 Stop!

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