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How To Sing Good 3 Easy Tips For How To Sing Good

Hi there. Aaron here from Superior SingingMethod and in this tutorial, I want to talk about how to sing good. OK. How to sing good. The ironic thing aboutthe statement how to sing good is it is bad grammar. So let me just get that out of theway first. How to sing well, yeah, that's better grammar. So this is not a grammar lesson.This is actually a singing lesson so let's jump into that. How to sing well, how to sing good. Firstof all, at the end of this, I want to give you a good vocal exercise that will help youto be able to sing well and it's one of my

favorite ones. It's a good warmup exercisethat will kind of get you going in the morning as well. It's the only one you do. It's agood one to start with. So how do you sing wellé What are the different things that ittakes to learn how to do thaté First of all, understanding the voice. Thereare two probably yeah, three main things I think. It's like understanding the voice,learning proper technique and doing vocal exercise. So last one I'm going to give youis that vocal exercise. So understanding the voice, what does that meané Things like nasality. A lot of people whenthey sing, they sing and it just sounds kind

of like this. It sounds nasally and nasallydoesn't come across. It doesn't sound very good and nobody really wants to hear a nasallysinger. So understanding the voices, understandinghow to for example, it would be how to get rid of the nasality in your voice and it couldbe a lot of things but mostly it's probably the soft palate and I won't go too much intoit now. But soft palate is just beyond the hard palate which is the roof of your mouth.Soft is set behind there and usually nasally means soft palate is down too low. So understanding the voice, understandingthat the voice is a delicate instrument, understanding

that when you yell and you're like tryingto belt a note, like that, that puts a lot of strain on your voice and doesn't soundgood with tone but it also can hurt your voice. So just understanding those there is a lotof things to understand about the voice. These are just a couple of examples. The second thing is learning proper technique.Proper technique is things like learning how to breathe from your diaphragm. Breathingfrom your diaphragm is taking a just to give you a little, tiny glimpse of what it is,it's basically having proper posture, taking that complete breath and allowing your diaphragmto descend, creating space for your lungs

to be able to expand and your stomach cavityand as you sing, the tendency is to let your chest kind of collapse, to fall like that.But instead of doing that, keeping your chest nice and high, like kind of just like I amnow, not super high. Those are some of the basics of learning howto diaphragm breathe. So that's learning the proper techniques and there are a lot of techniquesof learning how to sing but that was just one example. So it's understanding the voice, learningproper technique and then doing vocal warmups. Vocal warmups are important because yourvoice is made of muscle and cartilage and

you need to build up those muscles to be ableto manipulate the notes the way you want to and to be able to sing all the things youneed to sing and know what your voice is going to do when. You need to strengthen those musclesso that they respond the way that you want them to respond when you're singing, rightéRight. So let's get to the voice exercise. This isa good one. It's one of my favorites as like a morning exercise. It's going to be Zs, Zs,We're going to do Zs on just basically five notes descending. So it's going to be vocalexercise. I started a little low. I will start a little higher. vocal exercise Dothat with me. vocal exercise And then you

Professional Vocal Warmup Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken TamplinVocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing! I am vocal coach Ken Tamplin, and I'm hereto share some things with you I think that are really cool and important. Now, whether you feel that KTVA, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, is right for you or not, andwhat ever vocal coach that you're looking for, you really need to ask yourself a coupleof very, very important questions. The first question is: Does that vocal coachsing, and do they sing well, to prove and demonstrate what they're teaching is legit,or really worksé Now, a lot of people are bobble heads and can talk. There's a lotof talk going on on YouTube, on the Internet…

But does the coach sing, and sing well themselves,and do they display students that sing, and sing well that prove out their methodéSo when you're looking for a vocal coach, look very closely. Read the fine print andlook and see. Do they Sing Well and are they demonstrating what they teach, and do theyhave a lot of students that sing well, demonstrating that then proves what they're teaching is trueéNow, I may not be right for you, I may be right for you, that's all good, but thoseare really important things. In 30 years of training, in 30 years of working my voice,having 40 albums out, over 1000 songs placed in film and television… Look me up. Wikipediame, go to IMDB dot com, you'll see what

I'm saying is true.I took 30 years and spent over $1 million on my voice. Yes. $1 million on my voice,and singing 40 hours, and touring the world, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, to determine whatreally works, and what doesn't. What's legit, and what isn't, and I've pouredthem into a course called How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else. You're welcome to checkout my website. You can click here if you're interested. It has it, and you can see whatit is that I do. We're going to do a professional vocal warmup.Now, here's something about this that you should also know. There's no such thingabout going straight into “Wow! I'm going

to do a professional warmup!� Because,if you're “warming up�, it means that you've already done something, and you'vetrained something, that all that needs is your waking up the voice, or your waking yourselfup to something you worked very hard at, and you're just going “zzzzzz, okay,I snoozed tonight, I'm getting up in the morning, I'm getting ready to start my dayof singing! Soccer! Piano! Guitar�, whatever that is, but you already have anunderstanding of the voice. So actually vocal warmups can hurt you, especially professionalvocal warmups, if you're not prepared and haven't trained for them correctly. Very,very important. I cover this in my singing

course. But I will show you a couple of thingsthat professionals like myself do that are critical, and the first thing is diaphragmaticsupport. Now, I have a tutorial on diaphragmatic support. I suggest you watch it, because itwill really help you understand how to sing with the diaphragm, which is the engine thatdrives your car for a good warmup. Without it, your like Fred Flintstone in the FlintstoneMobile going “Woobwoobwoobwoob!� with his feet, and you have no real quot;enginequot; thatdrives that tank for your quot;carquot;, for your voice. With that said, we're just going to do asimple all vowel. Ladies, I'll get to you in a minute. Guys, I'm going to start withyou. We're going to do a triad on “AH�,

and we want to have our throat open: “AH!�Like the wants to see our tonsils. AH! And with that quot;AHquot; sound, we're goingto start to migrate up the scale, or ascending a passage, in this case, a scale. “Lah,ah, ah, AH, ah, ah, ahhhh…� Notice my tongue is flat to the base of my jaw… “Lah, ah, ah, AH, ah, ah, ahhh….� Notice this sound doesn't sound like it's coming from my throat. It sounds like it's coming from my core, from my diaphragm. “Lah, ah, ah,AH, ah, ah, ahhhh…� Ladies for you, same thing… From the all vowel: “Lah, ah, ah, AH, ah, ah, ahhh…� Now, you can actually go all the way up and down the scale if you're willing to run

Gabriela Gunkov How To Sing Like Axl Rose Welcome To The Jungle Guns N Roses Ken Tamplin

Hey, guys! Welcome back again to Ken TamplinVocal Academy, where the Proof is in the Singing! I did a version of Guns N' Roses Axl Rose,which is Paradise City, but I thought it would be really cool to do a female version of Axl, and we decided to do Welcome to the Jungle. We'll do it first, we'll talk about it after, like we always do. Welcome to the Jungle! Let's ROCK! Whooh! (Heh, heh) Man! We're in the jungle,baby! YEAH! I thought you were going to wear your “I Love L.A.â€� shirt for this tutorial. Whathappenedé Yeah, Ha, ha! Anyway, this is awesome. We're picking off another iconic piece,Gabriela did a stunning job. This time she

used a lot of distortion and compression,much different from the other things we've been working on. And also, what's reallyimportant about this song you're going to see, is that controlling the breath, and beingable to Hold Back the Air so that you can actually get through a lot of these phrases,because there's a lot of words in this stuff. So what we do, we literally hold our breath,you know: “Welcome to the Jungle!� and it's like we literally compress the airas we sing. I can't, if I exude too much air, then we're not going to be able tofinish through these phrases. So, anyway, awesome job, and until next time… Ken TamplinVocal Academy, where the Proof is in the Singing.

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