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Poe Magnet Elementary learns about bluegrass music

We're going to do our best to entertain you and teach you all about this bluegrass music that we play. And has been brought here with IBMA's World of Bluegrass to the beautiful city of Raleigh, NC I like how fast they played the fiddle andthe guitar. There was a guy that played the banjo likenobody had ever played the banjo before. You know where he was fromé (students yell out answers) North Carolina. (cheers) Does anyone know where North Carolina isé (Students cheer: yeah) This guy was the coolest banjo player anybody had ever heard and his

name was Earl Scruggs. Everybody say that with me, Earl Scruggs.(Students yell: Earl Scruggs.) Bluegrass has a lot of North Carolina roots, so I really wanted to get the children exposed to this kind of music. Usually when you hear people that are thelead singer in the group, usually they are kind of in the middle of the range. They don't sing really low and they don'tsing really high. Except for Bill Monroe. He was a hgh singer and he played the mandolin.

He was very unusual. I learned about the history of bluegrass music and about Bill Monroe. Say that name with me, Bill Monroe. (Students say Bill Monroe). Bill Monroe. He was a really cool guy. And I even knew Bill Monroe. I think they got to see that it a style ofmusic that is approachable that they can learn to do. They got to see how joyful it is. They got to practice that steady beat thatwe work on all year long.

And they got to have a wonderful time. I guess that I learned that bluegrass canbe from anywhere and you can start whenever you want to. There's no age limit. I learned that bluegrass music is not justcountry music. Someone from anywhere can play bluegrass music. I learned that there's different dances. There's something other than tap dancing which is called clog dancing. And I didn't know that.

I liked the clog dancing and how they included everyone in each song that they did. That's what caught my eye. There was a little girl seven years old my little brother's age that could play a fiddle. And get on stage and not be nervous in front of all those kids. We are so lucky to be in Raleigh and havethe bluegrass festival here. It just seemed like a perfect opportunityfor the kids to hear live the kind of music other people will pay for.

Casey singing Uninvited

. are precious minerals and diamonds and. Oh! There's a child there. I guess I can't use the 'F' bomb. Hello child. Laughter Isn't it quot;freakingquot; great to be hereé Fantastic Uh. Let's see. So who wants to singé Casey: I do!

She has not sung yet. Has anyone else not sangé Casey: CASEY! It's Casey time! Let's get some Casey time right now! Crowd cheering and wooing Does anyone know who Alanis Morissette isé Crowd: yeah! Yeah

Mark Wager on piano Thanks Mark.

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