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Viral Singing Star PerformsHello

Over 16 million of you haveseen my next guest cover the amazing song quot;Helloquot;by Adele. I wanted her to come hereand perform it live for us. When we found out she wasfrom Seoul, South Korea, it didn't stop us.Please welcome Lydia Lee. You have such an amazing voice.It's incredible. Thank you. So now, like, 16 million views.

Do you read the comments at allé Um, I've actually read some, and one of my favorites saidthat I should be on the Ellen TV and it had, like, 700 likes, and I was like,quot;Wow, how did they know thatéquot; laughsYou knowé Yeah, well, that's how itgot our attention too. laughs We agreed with that comment.

Oh, thank you. So, I heard your mom's here in the audience, righté Yeah. Hi. laughs So. cheers and applause Your mom is laughs She doesn't speak English,

but I'll say hi to her. laughs So, please, will you singfor usé Oh, it's an honor. Have a sip of water. Thank you. Whatever you need to do. playing Adele's quot;Helloquot; singingHello It's me I was wondering if after allthese years you'd like to meet

To go over everything They say that time'ssupposed to heal ya But I ain't done much healing Hello Can you hear meé I'm in California dreamingabout who we used to be When we were younger and free I've forgotten how it felt

Before the worldfell at our feet There's such a differencebetween us And a million miles Hello from the other side I must've calleda thousand times To tell you I'm sorryfor everything that I've done But when I call you neverseem to be home So hello from the outside

Ellen PresentsThe Voice

So the Democratic debatewas last night, and today I thoughtI would analyze each of the candidates'economic plan. No, I'm kidding. Umaudience laughter Everybody's like,quot;Get my purse, I'm going.quot; We're going to talk aboutquot;The Voice.quot; Do you like quot;The Voicequot;éDo you watch quot;The Voicequot;é cheers and applause

Yeah, they just startedthe battle rounds, and it's getting intense. In fact,it's getting so stressful, Adam Levine's hair fell out,you guys. audience laughter I don't know what happened. Portia and I love quot;The Voice.quot;We watch it. And when we watch it,we play this game,

and we turn around, like,you know, the judges do. But instead of guessingif we turn around for the singing part, we tryto guess what they look like. And we describe whatwe think that voice is, and see who's kind ofclosest to it. And since we're celebrities,we splurged. We got our own chairsthat spin around. Here they are, those.

And, umaudience laughter Got 'em at Office Depot. But I thought it would be funto play quot;The Voicequot; game here, live at the show, and so I got quot;The Voicequot; chair. Hey, boyséBring it out. All right.audience: Ooh! cheers and applause

Whoo!cheers and applause Whoo.cheers and applause cheers and applause Okay, so I am goingto have some contestants come out and sing,and I'm going to have to guesswhat they look like. I haven't seen any of thesepeople before. Everybody wanted to surprise me,

so I don't know who they are. And don't give me any hints,please, 'cause I want to try to guessjust based on their voice. I'm pretty good at this, too. All right, let's hearthe first contestant. Whoo!quiet applause singingAin't no mountain high, Ain't no valley low

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