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SWBA Promotional Tutorial 2016

hi I'm Michael and i'll show you aroundschool well it's not my school, im not the headmaster or anything but one day you could be we have highaspirations here. The first thing you notice is the building looks amazing just looking it costs 25 million pounds to build and theequipment we use stateoftheart our lessons really engage us because we haveaccess to a wide range of technology and every classroom has interactivewhiteboards

we use 3d printing a laser pointers tomake their ideas a reality we use all kinds of technology in our lessons evenrobots we have seven dedicated computer suites with brand new workstations an apple mac suite and professionalrecording studio we regularly use a wide range of laptopsand iPads virtual field trips. Its not about sitting around oncomputers all day we have amazing playing fields not to mention we have access to 50million pound Bert Williams leisure centre

next door and we'll get free swimming after school and in the holiday just for being an SWB student if that sounds exhausting there are manyplaces to relax many areas of the school are openplan learning environments We have our coffee shopand high quality dining room and spacious outside cafe area they said a wide range of delicious mealsbut what good is an amazing school and all thesehightech

things if we dont feel safe at school this issomething to take seriously is to be in studentsenjoy learning and pagers good special caring and friendly at me a sterile sogood safeguarding the students and staff itsoutstanding this is because a student respectthemselves and the list their talk about tolerance and respect for other girl isincorrect you help them us that also reported that bullying isread as it start with quickly and

effectively we have dedicatedspecialists safeguarding classes in school yeah schemes such as friends againstbullying tcp on every film all of these things are combined to makean environment where we feel safe and secure we even have an onsite medical officerin case of emergencies are expected to be outstanding to be the best candidateto workout socks off and of the last

complete is really have each yearresults for improving with lots of students achieving top grades I teachers and support staff work hardto make it lessens interesting and exciting giving us practical experiencesfascinating texts chances to working groups as well as independently learnings to V Academy is fun attendance is over ninetyfive percentwell above the national average that's because students as 2 eb academyand want to learn and a king to be well the cutting sets high aspirations for usand gives us the means to achieve those

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