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How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artists

Welcome. I'm Ryan Higa Professional singer and vocal stiloligerizerist and today i'm gonna be teaching you how to sing like some of your favorite artists. As much as you think you can't sing or as much as you know you can YOU CANT YET but by the time you finish this tutorial with enough work and effort in ONE DAY you might be able to sound like. THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!! Not one lesson (guitar music)

The first artist you're gonna learn how to sound like Think of every tough guy you've ever met with a big ass chain. Now double that! That's how tough you gotta be when you rap like 2 chainz Once you've got that down all you have to do is rap about all things that are plainly obvious She got a big booty so I call her quot;big bootyquot; Or a line like this I'm in the kitchen. Yams everywhere Or.

All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho Yes those are actual lyrics from his song quot;birthday songquot; But really once you perfect your 2 chainz you can do it with anything I like this lamp yo that's why i purchased this lamp I'm in the kitchen. Not anymore All i want for my birthday is a big booty hole Oh! Gotta poop Gotta poop right now

Jt like to sing high so the technique here is simple you just have to grab your nuts hard. hard as the can I (grabbing those nuts hard) can't wait till I get you on the floor good lookin. HOW! AH! To sound like Nikki Minaj is simple all you have to do is rap while you're slowly leaning back on an excersize ball I said quot;excuse me you're a hell of a guy. I mean mymumumy you're hell a fly I mean you're so shy and i love you to tie just look at the guy when I think of his eyequot; ugh! So you wanna sound like beyonce.

Probably can't. It's a natural god given talent Just try to sound overly sexy almost to the point where it sounds like you're gonna cry but you don't As long as you love me Just pretend you're a good looking British singer and duplicate yourself Everyone else but you two! Lets see I'm probably gonna need about one two three.four more people for this part so. (duplicates) You guys readyé Five six seven eight Remember that when you are feeling sad

Just sound really lazy like you don't even feel like rapping today STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE HERE! Lazier! Much lazier than that! Started from the bottom now we're here! LAZIER! Started from the bottom now were here Look your alarm clock just woke you up at 6:00 am morning and now you have to go to school Started from the bottom now the whole team here

Schuylerville High School Leadership Conference

More than 100 Schuylerville High Schoolstudents put their leadership skills to the test on Wednesday, November 18, byparticipating in the second annual Schuylerville student leadershiptraining. The mini conference offered students the opportunity to learn aboutthe power of student leadership and how it shapes the school culture. quot;It's anawesome opportunity and experience it's great that so many people areparticipating.quot; quot;We're all getting to know each other just so much better than wealready have, it's just an awesome experience.quot; quot;Yeah the different grade levels caninteract with each other.quot; The training

program began with the keynote addressby coach John Werner. Coach Werner taught and coached at Arlington High School inVermont for 31 years before retiring and serving as Castleton State Collegesoccer coach. He spoke to students about the power of the individual to make adifference. quot;What will you do with that responsibilityé Will you leave tonight after the workshops with a feeling of empowerment that you can make a differenceéquot; After the keynote address eachstudent participated in two of eight different breakout sessions led bySchuylerville faculty and students the workshops ranged from leadership underdifficult circumstances to what it means to where the Schuylerville uniform tosetting and achieving goals. quot;This is my

second year helping run it and I thinkit's amazing thing because so many people learn how to be a leader and theyrealize that they don't have to be a special person to be a leader, they just have to bethemselves.quot; quot;And it also empowered me to share my ideas with others and also it's greatto get other students even like younger freshmen in all of that the ideas thatwe have now so they can maybe bring them off for the future years of school.quot; HighSchool principal Matthews Sickles says he hopes students take what they learnedat the conference and put it into action. quot;I thought it was a really great idea anda great way to help inspire others. It's

definitely important to be a leader. Definitely support your friends and worktogether with others. Anyone can be a leader, you don't have to have certain qualitiesand that once you become a leader others will follow.quot;.

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