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How to Sing Hi. My name is Aaron from Superior SingingMethod and in this tutorial, I want to talk about how to sing. OK. How to sing, kind of a broad topic butI'm going to narrow it down. At the end of this, I want to give you a really good exercise,one of my favorite exercises that will get you a little farther down the road of actuallyhow to sing. But let's talk for a minute about how to sing. What does that even mean to learnhow to sing and sing betteré I break it down into sometimes three, sometimes four differentcategories but I will give you four right

now. Learning how to sing is learning the instructionpart. So right now, this is part of the instruction. I'm going to give you that vocal exercisebut just to give you a little bit of instruction about the voice and how it works and how singingworks because the more you know about the voice and how the voice works when it comesto singing, the more you can apply these techniques and concepts to singing and to the exercisethemselves to start shaping your voice the way you want it to be so you have the besttone, the most resonant, full kind of sound. You can hit the high notes, all that kindof stuff.

So instruction is the first part. The secondpart is then I guess kind of obvious is the exercises. You got to have the exercises becausethe exercises are just like the rest of your body. You need to work out, exercise to keepin shape and to be able to make your body do the things that you want it to be ableto do to have the flexibility and the strength to do what you want to do. Third one is systematic. Learning singingsystematically is really the way to go. The link below is I have an eightweek systematicprogram that you can check out at some point but I believe that systematic is the way togo because you learn the right thing at the

right time and you're not only systematicallydoing the exercises but you're also learning the things in the right order and doing thingsin the right amount of time and repeating there's a lot of repetition which leads meto the next one and that's just being consistent. Use the repetition to consistently build andbuild and build your voice. So those are kind of the four main thingsand just along the lines of that last one, the repetition is I know that's kind of thedifficult part, righté I think we live in a culture that we don't want to do thingsover and over and we don't want to like work really hard to get to things and I get thatand with these tutorials, my point and my goal

is get you singing as good as you could possiblysing as fast as possible for sure but it does take repetition and it takes time. As youdo the exercises, this one that I'm about to give you and other exercises of courseyou need a variety of exercises but this is a really good one. It's not just going to take once and you'regoing to sing better. You know that. Intuitively, you know you're not just going to get betterby, Oh, do this exercise for 10 minutes and I can sing better. But if you do it this consistentlyfor two or three days, a week, two weeks, those kinds of things, you will start it'snot like all of a sudden you will be like

the greatest thing in the world but you willnotice a marked improvement in your voice. You will see improvement and that will encourageyou to be more consistent and get more instructions. Do more exercises. Do the systematic thingand the consistency and repetition. So what I want to talk to you about today,the instructional part, and this is all instruction but the instruction part of the actual voiceand how it works. What I want to talk about is the larynx. This is one of the problemsthat most singers have is that when they go to sing high notes, what they're doing isthey're raising their larynx up. Maybe you do this as well. When I'm not paying attentionand I'm singing, sometimes I still even do

Flirting in Sign Language ft Nyle DiMarco Tyler Oakley

Hey everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley and I'm here with the one and only Nyle DiMarco. (heavenly choir) We were hanging out andwe were talking about how important accessibility is, and y'all know that I caption my tutorials. I think it's really important for everyone

to be able to enjoy content. But we were also talking about how, when you're maybe out and about, and you see somebodyyou want to flirt with, there are different waysto approach the situation, especially when you're coming from a different perspective. So I thought Nyle could maybe teach me

how to pick somebody up at the bar. I'll teach you! Will you teach meé Okay. Okay, let's do this. Okay, so first, I feel likeyou have to introduce yourself. So, hi. Yeah.

I'm Tyler. (fun music) Yeah. I knew that. What's. your nameé This is name. So then this is Hi, I'm TYLER. What's your nameé

My name is Nyle! Why do you get quot;Nylequot; andI have to TYLERé I have to GIVE it to you. Oh, you have to give it to me. We'll get there. Do you come here. What was thaté How manyé

Oftené Do you come here oftené (laughter) Always. Can I. buy you a drinké Oh, that's easy. Tell me. a little about you.

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