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Oyster Mushroom cultivation Jeevika Bihar

Ram Ram didi Namaskar I have come to know throughJeevika ji that you are doing Mushroom Farming andproviding training also. Could you please train meé Sure, I will. Let's go bhayyaji. Let's go didi.

Now, I will provide you informationabout mushroom farming. My name is Brij kishor dasand I came from telama, kashugram organization.Please tell me about you. My name is premlata kumaraand I am working for Deep Jyoti svayam sahayakorganizatoin, Village Telmar. I am a memeber of GayatriVyuh Gram organizatin. Let's go Brij kishorji andlearn about mushroom farming. Sure didi. Let's go.

Brij kishorji, these all the materialis required for mushroom farming. Didi, please tell me in detailsabout these materials. This is foramalin Container to measure 125 ML foramalin. It is bevestin And water This one is called mushroom spawn This is processed lime.

Wheat straw These are polythene, rubber and pen. It is spray machine 45 litre bowl Brij kishorji, we have tostart with 1 litre of water. and add 4 drops of formalin then do proper wash ofcontainer by this cloth. Didi, what are the benefits of formaliné

It kills bacteria and germs. Now, clean entire containerand remove water. Now, you need to add 45 litre water in it. After adding water, we aregoing to make mixture. What is this mixture foré For straw treatment Take 125 ML formalin add 4 Gram bevestin

add 100 Gram processed lime And mix it well with stick Didi, what are the benefits of bevestiné it prevent from fungus add this mixture to the water and mix it well add 10 kg of straw in to 45 litre of water Didi, why are we adding straw in to wateré

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