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Learn the Cockney accent with Jason Statham

You're asking me about Cockney accenté Did you know a quot;Cockneyquot; used to be apejorative term for the working class Yeah. Nonsense! It is the accent of the true Londoner Who's a true Londoneré If you're thinking of that guy in Mary Poppins Nonsense, that is an American impostor, He is not British. He is not a real Londoner! Now, if you're thinking of Michael Caine.

He is a true Londoner! He's a Cockney, and he's a legend But how do you speak like a Cockney you aské Well my son there are a few rules you have to follow if you want to sound like a true Londoner. First one is that quot;Schwaquot; sound my good friend Aly taught ya! that's the quot;UHquot; sound. With a Cockney accent, it is more pronounced.

Regular person might say quot;quot; But a Cockney says it quot;DoctAAAHHquot; Same as in Strongerquot; quot;Fasterquot; quot;Harderquot; quot;StrongAAHH!quot; quot;FastAAHH!quot; quot;HARDAHH!quot; That brings us to our next point, Hsé Don't need em! Get rid of em!

Any word that begins with an H sound, Get rid of that H! Don't need you, H! Never have! You're useless! Words like: quot;Whoquot; quot;Havequot; quot;Housequot; we don't use the Hs! Get rid of them! OOH! AV! OUSE! For example: Remember my good friend Aly's lessonsé

You learned that quot;Lquot;sounds can sometimes sound like a quot;Wquot; For example in these words: quot;Hellquot; should be pronounced Cockney accent like quot;Hewquot; should become Another thing. My good friend Aly made you a tutorial about the quot;Glottal Tquot; This is the T sound which is replaced by the sound in the middle of 'UhOh'

The quot;Uhquot; sound Words like: should sound like: The T stops in the throat So none of this: Nah! Should be: Remember to use the Glottal T

Guitar lessons in London Music School In Central London

hi my name's Gary O'Toole and welcome tothe Gary O'Toole school of music if you landed on his page chances are that you done so bysearching for guitar lessons in London we teach guitar here and this is ahell of an environment it's where Sex Pistols once lived in rehearsed and the grafitti is still here from all those so if you wanted to be here having somelessons surrounded by some pop history Nick very is a guitar teacher and I justlet him explain a little bit about what

we do here hi my name's Nick im the guitar tutorhere at the Gary O'Toole school of music which is on Denmark Street incentral Londoni'm just going to talk about a few things to get going with you acousticguitar career in this tutorial and the first one is open chords a few chords theseshapes on the neck to kickstart your playing. We're going to learn 4 or 5 and then we're gonna start puttingtogether in sequences next thing is strumming this is the rhythm side you'replaying it's super important it's the glue is going to tie everything togetherand most most importantly just take it

slow be patient enjoy it enjoy thesounds that you make it will come it could come fast come it could come slow butmainly just enjoy that process so see you see down here in London so if you wantto come down and see Nick and have some lessons with him please give us a call on0207 240 2222 and come and have some guitarlessons in London if you want to check out the website we are gotomusicschool andif you want to get to me you can preface it by putting info@gotomusicschool but either way

hopefully we'll get a chance to see andhelp you with your career in music.

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