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Google Drive SDK Realtime API Office Hours

MUSIC PLAYING STEVE BAZYL: Hi everyone. Thanks for joining today'sGoogle Developers Live. Today we have two specialguests, Brian and Cheryl from the Drive SDK engineering teamfrom Boulder, Colorado. And today we're going to talkabout the Real Time API that

we've released just acouple of weeks ago. And I got a bunch of questionsfrom the Google Drive developers communityabout the API. And today is when thosequestions will get answered. So Brian and Cheryl, can youjust give yourself a quick introductioné Let people know aboutwhat you've been working here on at Google.

BRIAN CAIRNS: Hi, I'm Brian. I'm an engineer onDrive Real Time. And I've been working on DriveReal Time for actually almost 18 months now. Pretty much since I joinedGoogle about two years ago. CHERYL SIMON: Hi, I'm Cheryl. I've been working on the DriveReal Time for a shorter amount of time, since about thebeginning of the year.

Just helping get it releasedto you guys. STEVE BAZYL: OK, cool. And for those who aren't thatfamiliar with the API, can you just give the 30 second pitchas to what this API is, why did we actually releasethis API. BRIAN CAIRNS: So I like tophrase it in terms of two things that thisAPI gives you. The two big things are storageand collaboration.

We all know when you're writinga web application that dealing with the network anddealing with having to store your state persistently, that'sa complex problem. And we solved that for you. And then we also give you theability to have realtime collaboration that works justlike it does in all the other Google Docs editors, DocSheets and Slides. So if those are things thatinterest you, either one, then

this might be the API for you. STEVE BAZYL: Cool. And the API as it is nowis a JavaScript API. So it's primarily targetedfor web applications. We received a lot of interestfrom people asking about support for other API, otherlanguages, other platforms, such as Dart, Android,and iOS. Are there any tips or advicefor people who want to use

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