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Getting Into the Ice Cream Business

I started in the ice cream business back in1989. It was an ice cream store in Center City Philadelphia. When I bought the storeit had existing Electro Freeze ice cream machines in there. That's when my relationship withSentry Equipment Electro Freeze started. They have always stood behind their work.They have always come out when it was needed. They repaired the machines. If I had any questions,I could pick up the phone 9 oclock at night and talk to one of the owners. and they wouldwalk me through any problems to keep the machines up and running.Prior to me getting into the ice cream business I was a meat manager for a super market chain.So I had a lot of retail experience, but I

didn't know the ice cream business. So theytaught me the terms of the ice cream business, meaning overrun and things like that, profitabilityof the product, so they were able to teach me the business. They taught us how to upsell, showed us all different types of products.

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