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Happy Together The Amazing Groups Special ENG20160901

Happy to be together on Happy Together! Hello. Hello. (Happy Together) Recently, there are many duos Yes. that are popular. That's right. Gong Yoo and Ma Dongseok are one. Right. They're the best. Certainly. Gong Yoo and Ma Dongseok are one.

They are a great duo in the film industry. In the TV industry, Yes. there are Jaeseok and Myungsoo. Right. I mentioned this because today's guests are popular together. Yes. I heard that Hyunmoo and Myungsoo guaranteed that they're great together. Yes. Let's bring them in now.

The duo I invited is composed of two feisty girls. They are indeed feisty. Please welcome Baek Zyoung and Lee Jihye! Hello. Hello. (The first duo is Baek Zyoung and Lee Jihye.) Hello. Welcome, Zyoung and Jihye. (Zyoung debuted in 1997.) (Jihye debuted in 1998.)

These two girls are the representatives of the feisty ladies in the entertainment industry. It's now the turn of Celebrity Collector, Myungsoo. His guests are already out. We haven't introduced them, yet. You're so slow. Gosh. Go back inside, you idiots! You're idiots. Idiotsé You are distracting us.

quot;I want to be on the shoot!quot; They're finally coming out. I will bring in the trio that dominates the hip hop scene in Korea. Whaté DinDin, Crush and Loco! Crush. Welcome, Loco. (Crush is known for his unique voice.)

(Loco is known for his many songs.) (Everything DinDin does or says becomes a new trend.) I always go clubbing with you. I'm really suing you. You should tell your mom. That's what your parents are for. (The ladies can't get used to them.) They're talking like middle schoolers again. Look at that.

Key Peele A Cappella Uncensored

scats (all)♪ There goes the girlwho owns my heart ♪ ♪ I knew she was the oneright from the start ♪ ♪ Oohwah ♪ Our love is here to stay ♪ Oohwah ♪ Each and every day ♪ We know that we willnever part ♪ scats (Lyle)Oh, wow.

Great work, everybody. Troy, I love that littleMotown outro thing. Super soulful. Cool.Thanks, Lyle. Yeah, it just, uh, came to me,so I went with it. Wow.That's crazy. Hey, is this wherethe a cappella group meetsé Oh, hey, Mark. Hey, Lyle.

What's going on, buddyé Mark, get over here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. (Lyle)Guys, this is my buddy, Mark. He just transferredfrom Minnesota. I thought he could sit inon a few practices. I don't know,maybe join the groupé Maybe.chuckles (Lyle)All right, guys.

Let's do quot;Always Been My Girlquot;again, from the top. quot;Always Been My Girl,quot; okay. And.Marké Show us your stuff. You got it, man. (Lyle)All right, guys.Readyé One, two. scats (all)♪ There goes the girl ♪ Who owns my heart ♪ I knew she was the oneright from the start ♪

♪ Ooh wah ♪ Our love is here to stay ♪ Ooh wah ♪ Each and every day ♪ We know that we willnever part ♪ scats ♪ Oohweeeeooh all laugh and clap (Lyle)You got to be kidding me. Mark, that wasout of this world.

Oh, gosh, okay, well, hey,it just came to me, so I just went with it. (Lyle)Great.Well, keep going with it. Guys, have a safe weekend,all righté See you on Monday. Nice to meet you guys, man. That was awesome. Isn't he the besté Cool, guys.Great practice. Troy, good effort. All right.

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