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Kids React to Miranda Sings

(children) Kids react to YouTube stars! This episode: Miranda Sings! ♪ (funky music) ♪ Miranda Sings, Miranda Sings,Miranda Sings. I love her! ♪ Wiki, wiki ♪ ♪ Here we go ♪ ♪ Every time I look around,all I ever see ♪

Oh my god. This girl tortures me. ♪ I got lots of bae'sand you wonderin' how I do ♪ Who made thisé quot;Bae.quot; ♪ Hey, where my bae's até ♪ Little bit too much lipstick, sweetie. Why would you put up so many picturesé ♪ But first, let's do a dance break ♪ Please stop. ♪ Break it down ♪ You're not dancing.

♪ Here we go ♪ ♪ This is how I twerk ♪ ♪ If you really want a bae,here is what you do ♪ ♪ Wear lots of lipstickand hold in all your poo ♪ (disgusted) Oh! ♪ And tell him that you're great ♪ ♪ Tell him he's your baeand he's got no choice ♪ ♪ Hey, where my bae's até ♪ What are bae'sé

I love Miranda Sings.Miranda Sings is life. ♪ Now you can get one too ♪ I don't I don't I don'tI don't like her. Get her away. Hey, guys! It's me, Miranda. So today I'm going to teach youhow to sing like Ariana Grande. (Emma) Hah! But Ariana Grande is, like,the worst known singer. (Miranda) Ariana doesa lot of things called quot;riffings.quot;

quot;Riffingquot;é (Miranda) So for example. ♪ I love the way you make me feel ♪ I love her! (Miranda) ♪ I love iiiiiiiit ♪ It's just laughing. (imitates riffing) She sounds like thechoir teacher at my school. ♪ (Miranda sings note) ♪ That's one note. ♪ (Tyler copies) ♪ (Miranda) And you just go ondifferent notes at the same time.

Why is she doing this so close upé ♪ (riffing scales) ♪ Hey, I guess that's how she does it. (Miranda) Number two tip is whistle tones. Lift your eyebrows really high. I'm scared for the whistle tones. (Miranda) And sing really high like this. ♪ (screechy, highpitched riffing) ♪

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