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Olympian High School in Chula Vista offers students healthy choices

The students liked their menu last year but they liked it a little bit more this year Because they have more chances, there's more opportunities to have different kinds of food Food that they didn't have before I plan the meals for the day, how many meals we're going to serve and I sign it to my staff and then follow up to make sure that they're producing the food in a safe manner so that it's served correctly to the students

We're trying to get the kids to understand that when they make a healthy choice they turn around and get a healthy result and they're really pushing nutrition Here it makes me eat more healthy because I actually have to have like fruit and salad with my lunch and at home I just eat like chips laughs and stuff so it makes me eat more healthy here, yeah

I actually had a discussion about thislast week and they said the cafeteria's more healthy so it forces them to like eat fuit and vegetables and all that and take it with their food and drink a lot of milk and stuff so it's a better change, so it's good Healthy choices, healthy results This has been a great opportunity that we have to give them something that most of them never would've tried and after they tried it they went quot;Wow, that was good!quot;


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