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How to Play the Banjo Banjo Tones

Now I'm going to talk to you about X and Yposition with your right hand. What I'm really talking about in X and Y position is the toneof your banjo. Now the tone is determined by a lot of things. How tight the head ison the banjo can make, either give you a bright or a muddy tone, whether or not you have aresonator can have something to do with your tone, but also something as simple as whereyou put your right hand. If you play really close to the bridge, you get a really twangysound. And if you play closer up this way, you get more of an open full bodied sound.Earl Scrubbs calls this the X and Y position. He suggests that when you're playing downhere, is when you're playing closer to the

nut on your banjo neck. Or playing open stringssuch as the rolls I just taught you. But, if you're playing higher up on the fret board,which was playing up on the twelfth string, you might want to use this position. Becauseif you sound it down here, it sounds pretty weak.

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