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Ep 33 How to Sing Mix Part 1

How to sing mix, or how to sing with a mixis a very common question. Inside this tutorial, I'll define and demonstrate mix. Warning:normally I try to avoid this, but in this tutorial I get a little 'geeky' about singing.(Vocal geek) Hi, I'm Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing. How to sing in a mix. Well, whatis a mixé A mix is a mixture or blend of at least two things. When singing, you're ina mix if you have a mixture of chest voice and head voice. Ahahah. If you sing onlywith chest voice, you have no mix. Ahhhh. If you start in chest and sing higher andbreak or flip into falsetto, you have no mix. Ahahah.because you've lost the connectionto your chest voice. If, when singing, you

bring falsetto down into the area of the chestvoice that is supposed to be chest, there is no mix. It's only falsetto. Ahahah. Amix can only exist if the vocal cords remain connected. If your vocal cords break intofalsetto and you do not reconnect, you have no mix. It's only falsetto. Ahahah. Mixis made with connected vocal cords and a blend of chest resonance and head resonance. Now,where is mix in the voiceé There are several schools of thought about when and where you'rein mix. Some define mix as only occurring in the vocal bridges, passaggi. When singingin chest voice, as you sing higher, and while keeping the vocal cords together, the resonancebegins to move higher from your chest into

your head cavities. The resonance splits sothere's a mixture, or a mix of both chest and head resonance. This split occurs in thebridge or passaggi. After getting through the first bridge the singer encounters a secondbridge and then a third bridge. For women, there are even more bridges. With each bridge,there is a blend of overtones from the register below and the register above. Lower overtonesdamping, or dropping out and higher overtones coming in. As a result of this process, manybelieve that mix is only occurring in the actual bridges. Some believe if the vocalcords remain connected while the resonance has split into both chest and head cavitiesthat mix is always present, both in and in

between the bridges. In other words, everythingis mix. At this point in my singing and teaching, I think it's a combination of these two. Pavarottiis reported to have said that singing was like a repeating figure 8. Seth Riggs concluded,and I believe like Seth, that Pavarotti was describing the repeated narrowing into thebridge and the opening into the new register and so on upward. In my opinion, if the vocalcords remain connected, there's always some chest residue, even if it's very slight. Soeven in the highest head voice, if the cords have remained connected, that seems like mixto me, even if it's 100 to 1, it's still a mix. At a certain point, if the cords remainconnected, does it really matter if we say

it's mix or connected super head voiceé Theproblem is, what happens to mix when you sing down below the first bridge into chesté Well,you could definitely bring mix down into the chest register. So, I understand how thatcan be mix, but in most voices, you can only do that so long before the chest voice takesover. How, then, can that be a mixé A third concept that has helpful for me, is 'maintainingthe verticalquot;.(Vocal Geek) This is mentioned in the book, quot;The Voice of the Mind', by E.HerbertCaesari. Imagine a vertical sound beam started by the vocal cords and shootingupward into the mouth. In head voice, this resonating sound beam, if it maintains thevertical direction, will angle slightly backward

and penetrate into the head cavities abovethe mouth. Ahhh. Ahahah. In chest, there is still a vertical sound beam, but it beginsto angle slightly forward and engage the hard palette. In my opinion, to lose the verticalwhile in chest voice, is to grab the vocal cord, squeeze and close the throat and jamthe sound beam down into the throat. Ahahah.Ahhh. The tone can barely escape and has no roundness,no fullness and no appeal. To me, this is not mix. Maintaining the vertical, even ifcompletely in the lower chest voice, creates an upward lift in the tone. The sound beamresonates on the hard palette appropriately. This seems to recruit more than just chestvoice by adding a rounder, fuller tone, as

12 Things You Didnt Know About Pitch Perfect 2

To celebrate the release of Pitch Perfect2, let's take a look at 12 things you probably didn't know about the musical comedy sequel. To get ready for the movie's opening sequence,which features her performing Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball, Rebel Wilson trained in acrobaticsat LA's Cirque School with aerial stunts expert Aloysia Gavre.Although in real life Wilson's afraid of heights, she trained three times a week for five weeksso she could swing using trapeze silks, and perform moves including what she calls the‘Death Drop Spread Eagle', in a routine somewhat inspired by Pink's performance ofGlitter In the Air at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Costumes for Pitch Perfect 2, including theBellas' bodysuits for the opening sequence, feature 20,000 dollars' worth of Swarovskicrystals. The costume department employed three womenfull time to crystallise costumes! Thanks to the massive worldwide success ofPitch Perfect and its soundtrack, licensing songs for the sequel was a little easier.The toughest song to secure was Muse's Uprising, which German group Das Sound Machine performin the movie, and which took a personal request written by director Elizabeth Banks to Musefrontman Matt Bellamy to lock down. After tweeting Alexis Knapp, American footballplayer David Bakhtiari managed to score a

cameo in Pitch Perfect 2 for himself and fourof his teammates from the Green Bay Packers. Bakhtiari and his fellow players, Clay Matthews,Don Barclay, T.J. Lang and Josh Sitton, plus Jordan Rodgers, who plays in the CanadianFootball League, are such huge fans of the first Pitch Perfect movie that, accordingto Anna Kendrick, they can do the finale back to front! About a month before filming, the stars ofPitch Perfect 2 gathered for an a capella boot camp with the movie's music and choreographyteam. Musical director and vocal producer Deke Sharonmade sure everyone could sing every note perfectly

from memory before they were allowed intothe recording studio to lay down their part of each track.Whereas training for the first movie focused on nailing the basics, in Pitch Perfect 2the Barden Bellas have been a capella stars for several years, so Sharon worked on extendingthe actors' vocal techniques and ranges and made them mimic instruments! The movie's World Championships feature cameosfrom a number of reallife a capella groups. Among those appearing are Pentatonix, whohail from Texas and won US reality show The SingOff, in 2011, and appear in the filmas Canadian group Mountain Rhythm.

Also making an appearance are The Filharmonic,an allmale FilipinoAmerican a capella group based in LA, who are called Manila Envy inthe movie. Also getting a cameo are Penn Masala, a Hindia capella group formed at the University of Pennsylvania in the mid90s, and who are calledThe Naan Stops in Pitch Perfect 2. Sons Of Anarchy star Katey Sagal, who playsthe mother of new Barden Bella Emily, actually has an offscreen connection to the worldof a capella, as her older daughter Sarah White is in two a capella choirs, The OwlCreek Singers and the Stairwells, at Kenyon College in Ohio.

Snoop Dogg wanted to be in Pitch Perfect 2as his daughter is such a huge fan of the first movie.So, the rapper makes a cameo appearance as himself. Adam DeVine's Bumper and Rebel Wilson's FatAmy may be something of an item in the movie, but in real life DeVine is dating Kelley Jakle,who plays Wilson's fellow Barden Bella, Jessica. The pair met when they filmed the first PitchPerfect. As a student, Jakle was part of the SoCalVoCals, a University of South California a capella group that's won the InternationalChampionship of Collegiate A Cappella, or

160617 Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo sing Always

Hye Kyo, do you have anything to say to everyone who is here and watching you from the Internet Hye Kyo: First of all, I'd like to thank all of you for liking Song Joong Ki so much. I believe that everyone here who knew him and like him a lot is through the drama, quot;The Descendants of The Sunquot; as being the main actor of the drama But then, I also believe that everyone here who watches quot;The Descendants of The Sunquot; knew Joong Ki. Because of that , everyone should have seen his character and personality from the drama. Because of that, I'm really, really thankful for all of you to like him. In the future, I hope that everyone will continue to support whatever he does! In addition, I hope that everyone will like me as much as you guys liking him (Joong Ki) and will support me whatever I'll be doing! Because my senior here has encouraged me to come to this stage, we have prepared something for everyone here.

Because the DOTS has attracted so many people and everyone likes it, we thought after shooting the drama the both of us would go around thanking you guys. I was hoping that there's a chance like this but today is the chance. We have prepared a theme song for everyone and that is from The DOTS! Next, we will pass the stage to Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Goshh. I'm so nervous!! This is Hye Kyo's first time singing this song in public Yeap. Please start Let's go there, shall weé

*voicecrack* Joong Ki: OMG THIS IS SO EMBRASSING Thank you so much Let's all give a round of applause to Hye Kyo Let's all give her another round of applause as a thank you MC: Thank you Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo!.

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