Singer Pinker Instructions

DIY Cute Simple Bedroom Decor Accents

MUSIC Welcome back to my channel and my bedroom. I thought it would be fun for me to do a tutorial on if you havemaybe like a plain room how like, you can add just tiny little things to,I guess, add some personality to it. Make it fun. Make it pop. Everything in this tutorial takes,like, less than an hour.

Everything in this tutorial takesless than an hour to make. And hopefully, you guys like thesekind of tutorials and if you do, then hit the like button, so that I knowthat you guys like these kind of tutorials. And I will do more like easydecor tutorials in the future. Okay so I'm gonna show you guys the thingsI made starting with the first thing. So the first thing you needis an old jar of some sort. I'm using this old cookie butterjar cuz it's definitely empty. I made sure of that.

But you can use like an old jam jar,mason jar, as long as it is a jar. If the label is giving you problems,which I'm sure it will, just take some nail polish remover. And go overall like the remainingsticky paper residue left over. And it'll just come right off. So now your jar is clean. And, you wanna take another cup. And in that cup, you wanna pour in likean inch or so of just regular table salt.

Then afterwards,you wanna grab a piece of colored chalk. Whatever color you want to. I chose blue. And then you wanna go ahead and stir thesalt around with your colored chalk stick. And you can see, it's magicallyturning the salt into a blue hue. This is not edible anymore by the way. Stir it for maybe, 15 seconds. I mean, the longer you stir,the stronger the color will get.

Now, pour the magic saltinto your jar of choice. Now continue this processwith all of the colors. The next one I'm gonna use is pink. I'm gonna stir my pink chalk around,turn the salt pink, pour it in the jar. The next one I'm gonna use is green. Same thing. Pour it in the jar and you just keep layering them on top of eachother until you have this rainbow salt.

Deal, dealio. Can you even believe how cute it isé I can't. Now afterwards, go ahead andlike shove your makeup brushes in there. Shove your pencils in there,shove something in it. Then, place it on your shelfsomewhere where everyone can see it. It's so cute. LAUGH All right, so that's done.

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