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Porfiria Gomez 'Handy Stitch Review' Hi Everybody It's Porfiria Gomez, A.K.A the Domestic Mami and I hope everybody is having an amazing summer I just got back from NorthCarolina it was extremely, extremely hot but I had a great time seeing family andfriends so without further ado I just wanted to first before I go to that I went to North Carolina and found some great fabric

I had the chance to visit Hobby Lobby which I thought Hobby Lobby was going to be something different I was really excited about it I kept on telling my mother every day I was down there I wanna go to Hobby Lobby I'm wanna go to Hobby Lobby, I'm wanna go to Hobby Lobby because my brother, my sisterinlaw actually mentioned it to me, that she shops in Hobby Lobby So I kept saying to my brother and my mom gotta go to Hobby Lobby, gotta go to Hobby Lobby, anyway we didn't make it to Hobby Lobby but on the drive back. I saaaaw one and I got to Hobby Lobby

So what I did um I believe I visited the Hobby Lobby in Virginia. Not in North Carolina but in Virgina But when I got to the Hobby Lobby and walked in right away of the back I thought,'Looks Like JoAnns' So I wasn't super excited, I was like it looks like JAnns So (*|*) that's my face, that's the face I made Um one thing I noticed they had all the Autumn stuff out already and I was no where near prepared to see that. So right away my mind started working, like ok when I get back to New YorkI gotta get some things going.

Because I gotta get ready for the Autumn Season and I really, really wasn't prepared for that I'm still in summer mode. So I bought some great fabrics Umm actually I bought, I think I bought 3 or two of these Either way these were good two of them This one I really did love. and I'm like what can I make with this. But first of all gold this year,

gold is my new favorite color it used to be pink I was a pink girl hands down. everything I did was pink If you visited my blog my websites you would see its all pink pink pink because I love pinkbut i'm falling madly in love with gold and yellows so that will be most likely what I am going to be all about in the upcoming months. because I love the colors

so I found this black and white one and then these dots painted dots of gold. And I thought this would work well in my office here that I have now. My craft space because I'm thinking about making a few throw pillows or possibly using this to do some fun curtains I'm not sure Stay tuned to see what I do with that. And then of course I'm always looking at polka dots, there ya go!

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