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How To Use A Convection Microwave

Hi! This is Suma Rowjee and I write a bakingblog called Cakes And More. This tutorial is about using a convection microwave for baking.I have been using my LG convection microwave for baking since the last 3 plus years andit has worked really well for me. So I thought we would make a tutorial on how to use a convectionmicrowave. Broadly speaking there are 3 types of microwaveovens we see here in India. One is the basic or the solo microwave, which we use for cookingand reheating. Then we have the microwave cum grill in which you can cook, reheat andgrill food as well. And then we have the convection microwaves, which you can use for cooking,baking, reheating and grilling food. So basically

you can do everything in a convection microwave.If you have purchased a convection microwave for your kitchen, congratulations! You havepurchased a very good gadget for your kitchen. Sometimes it happens that we are gifted ovens,and we don't use them for a very long time. We end keeping them somewhere in the kitchenand so many years we realize there is an oven and you are inspired to bake. So how do youknow the one you have is a convection microwaveé Let's take a look at the panel here. Thereis microwave, grill, convection, combination, the timer here, Stop button, Start button,and increase and decrease buttons. This basically helps you increase and decrease the temperatureyou would have set on the convection mode.

This entire panel is digital, and everythingthat is displayed here is digital. So that really helps you set the timer and the temperatureas accurately as you want. So if you need to set your microwave on microwavemode, you could press ‘Microwave'. Then you can see that it sets at the maximum powerhere which is at 900 watts. My microwave sets at 900 watts. And if you want to reduce thepower level, all you need to is repeatedly press the same button so that the power levelvaries. You will find it useful if you want to melt chocolate in the microwave thenthis is something you really need to know. Because we would need to melt it at mediumpower and not at HIGH power. Otherwise you

may not find this function very useful.And then you have a grill mode here. And there is convection. And this of course is for grillingfood. You just press Grill and then set the timer.When you buy a convection microwave, you can expect these accessories to come along withyour microwave. This is the grilling rack, this is the shorter rack which you will usefor baking, and most probably you will something big and flat tray or something for makingpizza. That's the intention with which they give you this tray. But I normally use thisfor baking custards, because this works very well as a water bath for me.And then inside your microwave, there will

be a glass turntable. And this remains insidethe microwave oven at all times no matter what you are doing. Whether you are usingit on Microwave mode or Grill or Convection. This always, always remains inside the microwave.In case you do not have any of these accessories in your microwave, if you haven't used yourmicrowave for a while, then you should contact your service center and they should be ableto provide you these accessories for a price. Let us see how we operate this on convectionmode. Whenever you use a convection microwave for baking, you always need to preheat theoven. Except in very rare cases in very rare cakes where you are required to set the temperatureand then put the cake inside the oven, so

that it starts preheating at that point oftime. But then that kind of a thing would not really be possible in a convection microwave.So normally baking any cake or cookies or breads or pizza or just about anything, youalways need to preheat the oven. So let us see how we preheat the convectionmicrowave. When you need to preheat, of course the first thing you need to do is place theshorter rack inside the oven. And this would be doing before your cake or cookie batteris almost ready. Because this hardly takes about 5 minutes to preheat.You press the convection button, you see that it sets at 180C or 350F by default. Assumingyour recipe needs you to set the temperature

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