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Hello. gt;gt; Did you hear thaté gt;gt; What was thatéHear whaté gt;gt; Stanley,just I heard someone say hello. gt;gt; Yeah, there's a lot of fish here,anybody, literally anybody couldhave just said hello. gt;gt; Hello. gt;gt;;gt; Where am I lookingé

gt;gt; There. gt;gt; Hi I'm Dory. gt;gt; Where are your parentsé MUSIC gt;gt; Hi, I've lost my family. gt;gt; Where did you see them lasté gt;gt; I forgot. I was looking for something and I.

Okay, totally get it, date night. I suffer from short term memory loss. It runs in my family. At least, I think it does. Where are theyé gt;gt; Dory.There you are. gt;gt;;gt; Look out. gt;gt; Aw, look at this.

MUSIC gt;gt; Our friend got taken intowhatever this place is. gt;gt; It's a fish . gt;gt; I feel fantastic. gt;gt; SOUNDgt;gt; Dude. MUSIC gt;gt; Name's Hank. gt;gt; I have to find my family.

gt;gt; That's a hard one kid. gt;gt; Well, I guess you're stuck here. gt;gt; You're not helping, Bill. gt;gt; I lost my family. gt;gt; That is so sad, you poor thing. Not a great swimmer. gt;gt; Our friend is in here,lost alone lost, alone. gt;gt; Bailey,you've gotta use your echolocation.

gt;gt; SOUND I feel stupid. gt;gt; Poor baby, let me get that for you. gt;gt; Ooh. gt;gt; SOUNDgt;gt; Mom, Dadé gt;gt; She should just pick two, and let's go. gt;gt; Dad. gt;gt; What, I'm kidding. SOUND I get the feeling they'reshushing us for a reason.

Porn Stars Go To Acting School

Establishedin 2002, Sheldon's Acting Institute For Porn Starsquickly rose to prominence in the world adult entertainment. You are not porn stars,you are porn actors. Physical actors, I like to call them. I've been attendingSheldon's acting class for porn stars for yearsnow and it changed my life. After I started attending at school,

the bookings just came rolling in. It was just as simple as that. A little physical warmup first. Let's start with your feetand come up to the sky. Ha ha ha. He he he. (moaning) Sheldon Oh yeah.

(groaning) Sure his methods are unorthodox, but I won't have it any other way. Get out of here, dad. Get out of here, dad. And you can personalize that, you can make that about you father. Could it be about his fatheré

No. No. Get out of here, dad. Get out of here, dad. Get out of here, dad. Everyday now is an adventure. And I'm not just talking about sex. (babbling) But that mostly is whatI am talking about.

I look forward tochallenges everyday on set. Every actor should be taking notes on the script. There's a lot going on this scene. This scene has a lot ofmeat, you have the most meat of all in this scene. I mean when most people think porn star, they think, pizza guy, mechanic.

What's your nameé Joe. Perfect. I'm Joe. Sheldon Joe. Sheldon has showed me,it's deeper than that. Thank you for comingon such short notice. If my boss gets back, andfinds that I broke the coffee

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