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How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist pt2

Hello, and welcome. I'm Ryan Higa, professional singer and vocalstiloligerizerist. You might remember me from How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist part 1. Well this one's completely different. It's not as good. With that being said, welcome to How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist part 2. Remember that scary movie quot;The Grudgequot;é Make the sound that the little girl in quot;The Grudgequot; makes.

(groaning) Just sing like you normally would sing. ♪ When I met you in the summer! ♪ .and add the little Grudge girl sound. ♪ When I met you in the summer. ♪ ♪ To my heartbeat sound. ♪ ♪ We fell in love. ♪ ♪ As the leaves turned brown. ♪

grunting noises In order to sound like The Weekend, you have to literally make your face frozen to the point where it's numb and you can't feel it anymore. ♪ I can't feel my face when I'm with you. ♪ And once you get the frozen face down, all you have to do is act like you're sad and depressed.

♪ I'm just tryna get you out the friend zone. ♪ And if people can't hear you, just use a megaphone. ♪ I only call you when it's half past. ♪ In order to sound like Fetty Wap, just sing as if you just got hit in the nuts. Or for girls to relate, just make the sound you make when you cut wind. You know, when you get the wind knocked out of you, you make the sound that's like stressed inhale and then just sing like that. Fetty Wap.

Auuugh! ♪ Baby won't you come my wayé ♪ grunting You know when you're yawning and you still try to talk; that sound it makesé yawning All you have to do is sing, while you yawn. yawning ♪ You and me we made a vow. ♪

♪ You say I'm crazy. ♪ ♪ And you don't think. ♪ laughing You know when you're a little kid where you're on the verge of crying but you do your best to try and suck it upé You know, the borderline where you're trying to fight back your tears, because you know once you start crying, you're not gonna be able to stop.

The School of Rock 910 Movie CLIP Learning in Song 2003 HD

Uhoh, you know whaté Miss lemmons must be on crack,right, kidsé Kids:Mmhmm. Well. Well. What's thaté Oh, that. Yeah. Hmm.We were singing. We were singingand we were learning. We were learning

In singsong. Huh. One of your methodsé Mmmhmm. Yeah. I find that it's really helpful When you're teachingthe subjects That are the boring subjects. Huh. Well, you don't mindif I just sit in

On your classthis afternoon, do youé No. No. Come on back this afternoon. It is the afternoon.I meant now. So, please, just continuewith your method. Yeah. Okay. ( lt;igt;strums guitarlt;igt; )

Math is a wonderful thing ♪ Math is a really cool thing ♪ So get off your ath,let's do some math ♪ Math, math, math, math, math ♪ Three minus four is. ♪ Negative one. That's right. And six times a billionis. ♪

Six billioné Nailed it. And 54 is 45 more then.What is the answer, martaé ♪ Nine. No, it's eight. ♪ No, it's nine. ♪ Yes, I was testing you ♪ It's nine. ♪

And that's a magic number. ♪.

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When you start a bandis talk about your influences. That's how you figure out What kind of bandyou want to be. So, who do you likeé Blondieé Christina aguilera. Whoé No. Come on. Whaté You,

Shortstop. Puff daddy. Wrong. Billyé Liza minellié What are you.éYou guys! This projectis called quot;rock band.quot; I'm talking about bandsthat lt;igt;;igt; Led zeppelin.

Don't tell me you guys havenever gotten the led out. Jimmy pageé Robert planté Ring any bellsé What about sabbathé Acdcé Motรถrheadé Oh, what do they teachin this placeé! ( lt;igt;sighinglt;igt; ):Summer.

You're the class whatever,go to the board. quot;factotum.quot; Factotor. New schedule. 8:15 to 10:00, rock history. 10:00 to 11:00,rock appreciation and theory. And then band practice untilthe end of the day. What about mathéNo. Not important.

World cultureséNot important. You guys, we need to focus here. Don't you wantto win this contesté It's prestigious.

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