Suicide Squad Fans Petition Site Over Bad Reviews

Hey guys, what's going on for complex news, i'm tamara dhia.The hype has been out of control for the anticipated release of 'suicide squad' which finally hits theaters this friday, but judging by the scathing reviews, that's all the movie is just hype.As critics begin to unload their brutally honest thoughts on the film, fans are getting more and more angry.So much so in fact, that there is now a petition to shut down rotten tomatoes all together due to it's low rating of the film.According change.Org.

We need this site to be shut down because its critics always give the dc extended universe movies unjust bad reviews, like batman v superman dawn of justice and suicide squad.It seems that those 13,000 fans who have signed the petition don't realize that rotten tomatoes doesn't actually review movies, they just aggregate critiques of the film.And quite honestly, with the exception of the the dark knight trilogy, the films that dc have been putting out have been subpar.For those who are wondering why the rotten tomatoes score is so low, here are some reviews.

suicide squad is bad.Not fun bad.Not redeemable bad.Not the kind of bad that is the unfortunate result of artists honorably striving for something ambitious and falling short.Suicide squad is just bad.It's ugly and boring, a toxic combination that means the film's highly fetishized violence doesn't even have the exciting tingle of the wicked or taboo.A puzzling confused undertaking that never becomes as cool as it thinks it is, suicide squad assembles an allstar team of supervillians and then doesn't know what to do with them..

when you've got modelturnedactress cara delevigne as one of your chief villains, and she's writhing and wriggling about in embarrassing fashion, spouting lines that make dothraki sound like shakespeare, you're not just dipping your toes into camp territory, you're getting soaked.The biggest critique has been centered around jared leto's highlypublicized joker, who it seems only appears for a small role in the film, which many are likening more to a cameo.But despite all of this, the film will undoubtedly still be a blockbuster.Early analysts predict a $140million dollar opening weekend for the film and despite the.

Adult Reviews Childrens Nail Art Product Glitter Nail Swirl Art Kit

Well holo everyone it's me and holo shit what's on my boobs this is my coming out tutorial hahahah just kidding i did that a long time ago to the rhythm of adele's 'hello' as a holosexualllll.But now you too can come out in style with these shirts this is the only time i am going to invite you to stare at my boobs.There's also a holo it's me version for those who want to be a little less forward and you can get these tshirts right now, today, i put the link below in the tutorial description box.

These are limited edition tshirts that you will only be able to get in the next two weeks.'cause as we all know holo is just that rare and that precious.If you want one, be sure to grab yours now.Before you can never get them again i'm honestly so happy with how holo this turned out.I was a little reluctant and hesitant at first i was like there's no way you can make a shirt like real fking holo.Like really holo.Sooo today we are not just talking about my shirts.

We're gonna review a very useful nail art product so a few months ago a channel called cookies.Cookie swirls or something reviewed this and in their tutorial there was talking barbies and other stuff like that so i'm not really sure what the fck was happening.And then a bunch of you guys asked me to review it obviously you need a qualified nail channel adult to review this product properly just another adult reviewing children's toys.And now we must open the box.Ben is unfortunately not here at the moment.

Otherwise i would ask him to do this part.It's very dangerous.Instructions.Yay.I'm not sure why there's fake nails in here, but we'll find out.Throws plastic bag thing but fails acts like that didn't happen glitter.It's not holo of course.They never put the good stuff in kid's products.For some reason this reminds me of hungry hungry hippos just.Without the hippos.Ages six and up! oh! i'm qualified then.Step one place your rubber piece onto the center of the spinner.Oh, let me set up a second camera for you.

So you guys can do this at home along with me.Yay we did it! gold star for everyone! well actually just me.Step 2 place your nail set on the center of the spinner ohhh i'm so disapointed i thought we were gonna do it on my actual nails not fake nails laughing what is this sht fck man step 3 place the button to turn the spinner oh press, press the button.Mumbling thats not fcking turning thats not turning.Or spinning anything.We must troubleshoot yo thats not even spinning this little thing.

Well this is not fun anymore the thingy appears to spin freely so its not that this fcking thing does nothing i really don't think 6 year olds should have to do this to play with their toys ew ew its like.Greasy fcking weird it's not lubricated correctly haha that's what she said wow this is the worst clog in the machine.Engineering project i've ever seen and i'm not even an engineer theres literally nothing i can do wooah like how can i make this better laughing i don't buy children's toy products to waste my money okay.

K well, i give up if you spin it a little.It'll spin yeah, see but not when you press the button, like the instructions specify.Who ya gonna call ghostbusters.Ringing no just ben ben yeah its broken made like sht ben isn't that the tutorial though i don't know laughing what am i gonna do this isn't funny i need to make a tutorial about something! okay see you soon! ben ok bye there is cat hair on my holo.Ooooh wait a second.We will have to do it the old fashioned way.Spin it ourselves.

Step 3 press the button to turn the spinner, yeah add one color at a time onto the nails to get the best effects is this nail polish like i don't know it's not coming out it's child proof ready.Aw sht laughing i thought it was going to spin god damnit ok lets do it again ready.Aw fck! aw sht.Got it all over my hand i need an adult to supervise me is this glue sniff i think this might be colored glue gasp does it peel bang ahhh that didn't sound good.

What if i just do this.Yeahh there we go! woohoo problem fcking solved bitch this is what all children need to learn, this is problem solving also how to be fcking smart on social media, they need to learn that too the cap of this bottle is stuck in another cap, come out come out where ever you are yeah thats not coming out so.Wooooo weeeee this is bringing out the child in me! oh i see what this does, yeah this product is like a watermarble its like my watermarbles.

Gotta get my spinning skills ready, this takes a lot of handtohand coordination its like mustard, it's what i do to my hotdogs alright now lets add glitter.You gotta teach kids about little baggys one day yeah bitch, yeah bitch add some more, 'cause i'm a glitter whore stop that christine you are so innapropriate this is a children's show gold is for gold diggers, li um um confused sounds help i can't stop this is kinda fun still looks like melanie martinez threw up on that carousel hmm this masterpiece is missing something.What could it be.

Probably some.Holo the holo is so sacred tho i don't wanna waste it but it really needs holo much better these don't look anything like these kinda feel like, like i'm cooking oh that was too much salt, christine! lets make a glitter mountain! giggle oh! we forgot the stickers i know you guys think i don't try when i review these garbage garbage products but i really don't think there is much you can do to make this work and look good oh noo um now that im done, i think, it cant be any better.

How do i get these on my nails i do not see a step 5, where are the instructions to put these on your hand gasp i chipped a nail, i cut it uh oh a murder has occured on sesame street do i really have to stick these on my nails, like do i really tho im so hungry where is ben perfect gasp beautiful last one guys, i'm so ready to go and instagram these right away oh wow.I ccan't i can really see the resemblance between what's advertised on the box and what ended up happening on my nails.

My advice to 6 children, subscribe to my channel instead of buying this bullsht maybe just don't repeat some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth shameless self promotion begins again right now look at my shirts guys theyre so holo that you already put one in your cart and checked out didn't you, you savage holosexuals if you haven't yet you can purchase one at the link below in the tutorial discription box i mean i gave you holo for your nails so now you can have holo for your body.

But only for the next two weeks because they are limited edition and will never be sold after this they come with two sayings holosexual or holo, its me in two different colors holo on black top or holo on white top and in two different fits there is the ladies fitted tee or the unisex tee because holosexuals support equality, yassss look my boyfriend ben loves his simply swag yeah, get em boy, get em now i searched all the tshirt makers in the land until i found the most holo foil to be ever put on a shirt.

Because there will me no skimping out on holo for me nahuh but because the holo is so sacred we must take care of it so you gotta wash them properly you may have to ask your mom about that i still have to ask mine because if you ruin the holo you defeat the purpose of the shirt wash your shirts in the gentle cycle and hang them to dry so you won't mess with the holo make sure to follow my snapchat thats simplynailogica yes without the l they didn't give me enough space.

And maybe i'll give you laundry instructions like your mom i wanna see you guys in my holo shirts so when you get some don't forget to use the hashtag simplyswag and if you are on twitter i might even retweet it remember you can only get them for the next two weeks get them while you can or else you will get angry at me when theyr'e all gone i'm pretty sure this is the first tutorial that ben hasn't returned on time with my starbucks pick it up at the link.

Yay i didn't know if it was gonna happen in time for this tutorial and now we have the traditonal ben gives christine a drink ben nice shirt thanks haha do you like my nails ben no thanks for watching, this amazing product i expeiremented ben you really missed a good time ben what is this i dont know thanks so much for watching and we'll see yall later byee menchie do you like my nails she's like, don't make me look at those mom theyr'e hideous you are gonna get cat hair on my shirt, oh sht, sht.

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