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How To Sing Good 3 Easy Tips For How To Sing Good

Hi there. Aaron here from Superior SingingMethod and in this tutorial, I want to talk about how to sing good. OK. How to sing good. The ironic thing aboutthe statement how to sing good is it is bad grammar. So let me just get that out of theway first. How to sing well, yeah, that's better grammar. So this is not a grammar lesson.This is actually a singing lesson so let's jump into that. How to sing well, how to sing good. Firstof all, at the end of this, I want to give you a good vocal exercise that will help youto be able to sing well and it's one of my

favorite ones. It's a good warmup exercisethat will kind of get you going in the morning as well. It's the only one you do. It's agood one to start with. So how do you sing wellé What are the different things that ittakes to learn how to do thaté First of all, understanding the voice. Thereare two probably yeah, three main things I think. It's like understanding the voice,learning proper technique and doing vocal exercise. So last one I'm going to give youis that vocal exercise. So understanding the voice, what does that meané Things like nasality. A lot of people whenthey sing, they sing and it just sounds kind

of like this. It sounds nasally and nasallydoesn't come across. It doesn't sound very good and nobody really wants to hear a nasallysinger. So understanding the voices, understandinghow to for example, it would be how to get rid of the nasality in your voice and it couldbe a lot of things but mostly it's probably the soft palate and I won't go too much intoit now. But soft palate is just beyond the hard palate which is the roof of your mouth.Soft is set behind there and usually nasally means soft palate is down too low. So understanding the voice, understandingthat the voice is a delicate instrument, understanding

that when you yell and you're like tryingto belt a note, like that, that puts a lot of strain on your voice and doesn't soundgood with tone but it also can hurt your voice. So just understanding those there is a lotof things to understand about the voice. These are just a couple of examples. The second thing is learning proper technique.Proper technique is things like learning how to breathe from your diaphragm. Breathingfrom your diaphragm is taking a just to give you a little, tiny glimpse of what it is,it's basically having proper posture, taking that complete breath and allowing your diaphragmto descend, creating space for your lungs

to be able to expand and your stomach cavityand as you sing, the tendency is to let your chest kind of collapse, to fall like that.But instead of doing that, keeping your chest nice and high, like kind of just like I amnow, not super high. Those are some of the basics of learning howto diaphragm breathe. So that's learning the proper techniques and there are a lot of techniquesof learning how to sing but that was just one example. So it's understanding the voice, learningproper technique and then doing vocal warmups. Vocal warmups are important because yourvoice is made of muscle and cartilage and

you need to build up those muscles to be ableto manipulate the notes the way you want to and to be able to sing all the things youneed to sing and know what your voice is going to do when. You need to strengthen those musclesso that they respond the way that you want them to respond when you're singing, rightéRight. So let's get to the voice exercise. This isa good one. It's one of my favorites as like a morning exercise. It's going to be Zs, Zs,We're going to do Zs on just basically five notes descending. So it's going to be vocalexercise. I started a little low. I will start a little higher. vocal exercise Dothat with me. vocal exercise And then you

The Best Singing Impression Tutorials Roomie Likes

Hello, my name is Roomie and welcome to Roomie Likes The series where I show you guys you the amazing musicians that inspire me! The theme of this tutorial is Singing impressions. A while back I made a tutorial called “One Guy 14 voices�, where I did impressions of famous singers. So I cross my heart and I hope to die Never gonna give you up I'm gonna pop some tags To make my systems trololololololololololo

This kind of tutorials became sort of a trend last year, And this is some of my favorites. The first one is Mikey Bolts and his version of “The Monster� sung in family guy voices. Mikey is a skilled impressionist and the quickfire switches between the different voices makes the tutorial very entertaining to watch. I wanted the fame but not the cover of Newsweek, oh well Guess beggars can't be choosy Wanted to receive attention for my music

I wanted to be left alone On top of that, he even modifies bits of the song and adds jokes based on characters personalities. Kooky as Toby Keith Oh Toby I love your stuff you're great! I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed (So scary) Mikey Bolts does hilarious vlogs, schetch comedy and spoken impression tutorials as well. He's amazing, link in the description, check him out, he's SO good. The next tutorial is called 29 celebrity impressions, one original song and it's by Rob Cantor.

This tutorial has blown people's minds, and understandably so because the impressions are spot on! High in the clouds, up on the hill You talk to the stars, they tell you to chill And the crazy thing is, he even does female voices perfectly! You and I will always be loved So give a little sing to your song, oh yeah The only real problem with this tutorial is that it's totally, 100% fake. Rob basically put down a lot of work to make the best, most believable fake impressions tutorial possible.

This is a clip from a behind the scenes tutorial he posted 8 days later, after the tutorial had gone viral. I cannot do a single celebrity impression this is the work of talented professionals. This is a clip from the viewing party with all the impressionists who actually made the voices that Rob lip synced to. Of course Rob got some hate for this I mean, he conned the internet for exposure. But I also think he did something very important: He showed us all very clearly how things on the internet aren't always what they seem to be, as I've talked about in my quot;Fastest Rap Everquot; tutorial.

On a side note, Rob Cantor has made some other amazing stuff that isn't based on fooling you. For example his quot;Shia Labeouf Livequot; tutorial is SO great, go check it out and subscribe to Rob anyway, even if you're mad at him because of this, because he makes some crazy good things. For the last tutorial we have Ten Second Songs' “Dark Horse In 20 Styles�. Here, the talented guy Anthony Vincent covers Katy Perry's hit while switching between a number of different styles. Don't make me your enemy Yes or a no no, maybe

Im a VLS Student anh Luke

Can you introduce yourselfé My name is Luke. I'm 28 years old I'm working at Wall Street Saigon, in District 2 And have been studying here for 2 years. Which is your most favourite city in Vietnamé I like Hue the most Whyé Because Hue is the first place I visited in Vietnam.

I have an orphanage there And I love visiting the people there I heard that you have many children in Hue, don't youé Yes, I do. About 23 children are living in the orphanage They are Luke's children How many times a year do you go to Hueé I try to go to Hue around 4 times a year More often than me, I return Hue 3 times a year

3 timesé Though Hue is my hometown. When you go around and meet locals, and they realize you are speaking Vietnamese, how did they reacté Often being surprised, because they don't think that I can speak Vietnamese. Because many foreigners here can't and only speak English. However, I believe that speaking Vietnamese with Vietnamese people, whom I've met, is very important Do you find learning Vietnamese interestingé Yes. Learning Vietnamese is very interesting.

In college, I studied foreign language and German. That's why I love studying foreign language. And if I live here, I must speak Vietnamese. It makes my life easier. How long do you plan to stay in Vietnamé Vietnam for how longé will stayVietnam for how longé will stay

How long have you been and for how long will you stayé Who knows! Maybe for another 10 years or my whole life. Are you going to live in Hueé to liveé Who knows! It's a difficult question to answer.

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