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The Lay Clerks Handbook Introduction PREVIEW

THE LAY CLERKíS HANDBOOK Written and read by Robert Dufton Introduction Before you start immersing yourself in thesubsequent pages, there are a few points I should make clear:This book is not a thesis. I do not hope to impose any opinion about any religion or religiousdenomination. Those readers looking for an argument on the existence of a supreme being,or on the relevance, intention or demeanour of religion with its controversy from a modernstance will be sorely disappointed. This guide

was not written in an attempt to defend, offendor favour any belief. It will neither commend nor reprimand the denominations of the Churchor their ideals. I also try not to state views about music or musicians but occasionallythere are the few which may warrant mention ing for constructive, anecdotal reasons.This book is not a methodology on singing. Those looking to find guidance buried deepin these pages as to greatly develop oneís singing technique, will not find such guidance.I, having fewer hours of technical advice under my belt in my lifetime than many ofmy colleagues, am not prepared to advise others on how best to achieve a pleasing tone, althoughI can tell you when I hear a displeasing one!

I have done my best to avoid such topics anddedicate my writings to pointers on performance and professionalism within choirs, stationedwithin churches or elsewhere. All the techniques in these pages are triedand tested approaches to choral music, some being much older than others. This is nota guide to what should be done when it comes to choral music. It is a guide to what isand what could be considered in the musical direction of professional choirs. I try attentivelyto include detail and explain as many aspects as are mentioned. Although each of these pointsseems small in individual effect and significance, on a larger scale the piecing together ofall these elements will transform a choir

into a significant singing force. What one can expect to find here is a comprehensiveguide including every possible detail that a lay clerk, songman, choral scholar, cantoror vicar choral, prospective or current, could want to know about hisher profession. Italso goes into quite some detail on various singing skills and approaches to choral methodon both large and small scales which will unify all singersí understanding of churchmusicianship and as a result, reduce required rehearsal time. I should state that, althoughthis handbook is written by and specifically for these professionals, I hope that it willbe of immense value to amateur choir members,

secular choir members, directors, accompanists,clergy, lay staff and members of the congregation. I have heard it said that the magnificenceof the Church of England is in its diverse and distinctive approaches towards its musicand its implementation in services across the world. This book is a tool then to unifychoirs, not in their methods, but in the quality and understanding of their musical endeavours.That is to say that by no means are the traditional and localised methods in church singing incorrect,rather that after hearing many of these methods, the ones detailed here are those which haveproven most practical and effective to me and therefore qualify for inclusion.This book is intended to appeal to anyone

and everyone who is considering choral singingas a Wednesday nightís pursuit in one of their local musical societies. Much of theinformation given applies to professional accompanists and instrumentalists as wellas orchestral conductors who are new to the choral scene and even experienced choir masterswho have forgotten or have never experienced what it is like to be on the other end ofthe maestroís baton. The Church MusicianHere I shall condense the long history of the church musician into a short overview.I try to explain the language of music as it is introduced, so that the greenest ofsingers can pick up some technical language

How to Groom a Dog How to Express a Dogs Anal Gland

Hi! I am AnneMarie for Expert village andtoday we are learning basic dog grooming. In this series we are going to touch upona subject, it is not so pretty, but necessary. All dogs have glands that they have rightback in their anal area call their anal glands. That's why they smell each other's buttswhen they say hello. Every dog has their own smell kind of like a finger print. When groominga dog it is important to check the anal glands and express them if there is anything in them.The reason for this is to empty up the glands, the sacs will collect fluid and it they arenot emptied that's you run the chance of them becoming impacted or even worse infected,which could be very painful and will lead

to more intense veterinary care. So an ounceof prevention is worth it, even though it is not pretty. So here we go. We are goingin. We are going to check this area in here. The anal sacs are located right at 5 o'clockand 7 o'clock on the dog obviously inside and underneath the skin. There are two sacsthat come down one on either side and there are openings here and here. Our goal is toget sort of behind the sac inch forward and up and pull out the fluid, I mean push outthe fluid really. Now if you try to do it and you cannot do it, don't go crazy tryingto push it. It's better to call your veterinarian and have your veterinarian and do it. It isnot an area that you want to get involved

with, if you not sure of what you are doing.I like to use a paper towel sometimes I will use a baby wipe if the dog has sensitive skin.But a lot of time you can also do the step in the tub. So what we are going to do is,we are going to actually… probably block your view little bit with a paper towel fornecessary reasons and we will squeeze, we will hold the tail up and we will squeezein and out and as you see the dog expressed a little fluid, which is the anal gland juice.This is a pretty normal color if you get a thicker paste you would want to, may be talkto your vet about an impaction, if you get blood or pus you definitely need your vetfor an infection. So well it is not pretty

and it does not smell a nice something wehave to do and we will clean it all up the tub.

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