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The Best Singing Impression Tutorials Roomie Likes

Hello, my name is Roomie and welcome to Roomie Likes The series where I show you guys you the amazing musicians that inspire me! The theme of this tutorial is Singing impressions. A while back I made a tutorial called “One Guy 14 voices�, where I did impressions of famous singers. So I cross my heart and I hope to die Never gonna give you up I'm gonna pop some tags To make my systems trololololololololololo

This kind of tutorials became sort of a trend last year, And this is some of my favorites. The first one is Mikey Bolts and his version of “The Monster� sung in family guy voices. Mikey is a skilled impressionist and the quickfire switches between the different voices makes the tutorial very entertaining to watch. I wanted the fame but not the cover of Newsweek, oh well Guess beggars can't be choosy Wanted to receive attention for my music

I wanted to be left alone On top of that, he even modifies bits of the song and adds jokes based on characters personalities. Kooky as Toby Keith Oh Toby I love your stuff you're great! I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed (So scary) Mikey Bolts does hilarious vlogs, schetch comedy and spoken impression tutorials as well. He's amazing, link in the description, check him out, he's SO good. The next tutorial is called 29 celebrity impressions, one original song and it's by Rob Cantor.

This tutorial has blown people's minds, and understandably so because the impressions are spot on! High in the clouds, up on the hill You talk to the stars, they tell you to chill And the crazy thing is, he even does female voices perfectly! You and I will always be loved So give a little sing to your song, oh yeah The only real problem with this tutorial is that it's totally, 100% fake. Rob basically put down a lot of work to make the best, most believable fake impressions tutorial possible.

This is a clip from a behind the scenes tutorial he posted 8 days later, after the tutorial had gone viral. I cannot do a single celebrity impression this is the work of talented professionals. This is a clip from the viewing party with all the impressionists who actually made the voices that Rob lip synced to. Of course Rob got some hate for this I mean, he conned the internet for exposure. But I also think he did something very important: He showed us all very clearly how things on the internet aren't always what they seem to be, as I've talked about in my quot;Fastest Rap Everquot; tutorial.

On a side note, Rob Cantor has made some other amazing stuff that isn't based on fooling you. For example his quot;Shia Labeouf Livequot; tutorial is SO great, go check it out and subscribe to Rob anyway, even if you're mad at him because of this, because he makes some crazy good things. For the last tutorial we have Ten Second Songs' “Dark Horse In 20 Styles�. Here, the talented guy Anthony Vincent covers Katy Perry's hit while switching between a number of different styles. Don't make me your enemy Yes or a no no, maybe

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