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Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons 2 Knowing Your Guitar

This is called the head and these are the tuning pegs the tuning pegs are attached to the strings and they function to either tighten or contract a string. So when a string vibrates it's going like this. Now if you stretch the string more the string starts to vibrate like this and it produces a higher pitch. If you loosen the string it starts to wobble a bit more and you get a lower pitch so you can feel whether your tightening or contracting a string by feeling tension in the string, in the tuning peg, sorry

This is called the neck of the guitar. These divisions are called frets and the frets produce different notes This is the body and this is the sound hole. Whenever you play guitar for people, you never face the sound hole away from the people. The sound hole must always be facing the people your playing for.

Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons 3 How to Hold The Guitar Properly

What's the right way to hold the guitar So this section here is for you to put on your thigh Left hand on this side, right hand on this side This is assuming your a right handed guitarist Sometimes we play here, sometimes we play here If we're doing strumming it's usually here The hand is here, try to relax If you have difficulty having a look at the fretboard

All you need to do is tilt the guitar up slightly And then you should be able to see your fretboard properly Try to keep a straight back when your playing Good posture leads to good amount of stamina in playing Just make sure your comfortable If your extremely uncomfortable change around the position so that you are comfortable.

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